A World of Wool Felt: Why This Material is so Popular

Wool felt has been used for centuries to make everything from wool felted hats to wool felt rugs and mats. If you’re curious about the unique properties and uses of this fabric, then you’ve come to the right place! This article will tell you all about the idea of wool felt, its making, and the unique properties that make it so popular with artists, craftspeople, and home decorators alike.

What is Wool Felt?

Wool felt, also known as woolen felt or wool fabric, is made by matting and felting fibers. The word felt may conjure up images of sturdy caps and boots. But in a material sense, it’s actually more akin to a loosely woven fabric—it has just enough structure to keep its shape.

The benefits of using this material

You can make many things from wool felt. Here are a few examples of what you can do with it. Make a hat, scarf, or even a pair of slippers. Use it to cover an old chair or bench for decoration and comfort. Make coasters for your home bar area or use them as placemats for outdoor parties. The possibilities are endless when you’re working with wool felt!

Wool felt is an incredibly soft, warm, and flexible material. It can be a beautiful addition to any project! Here are some examples of how you can use wool felt in your crafts.

Items Made from Wool Felt

You can make different fantastic items out of this incredible piece of art: Wool Felt. These products can be:

  • Wool Felt balls
  • Wool Felt sheets 
  • Wool Felt kits 
  • Wool Felt hats 
  • Wool Felt rugs 
  • Wool Felt slippers
  • Wool Felt coats
  • Wool Felt curtains
  • Wool Felt toys
  • Wool Felt wall art
  • Wool Felt home textile

How it differs from wool fabric

If you’re familiar with wool fabric, you know how cozy it can be. But did you know that there are even more options available when working with felt? For example, some types of wool felt are softer than others. Depending on your personal preferences, or even what specific project you’re working on, there are different kinds available for purchase.

Wool felt is a bit heavier than wool fabric, with a similar texture. However, it’s more durable and doesn’t require ironing or pressing to look professional. It also features an attractive color and texture range and tends to be a bit less expensive than fabric. What’s not to love?

Qualities in a Nice Wool Felt

Wool felt can be used in various ways for numerous items. However, you should check certain qualities before buying a ball of wool felt for any purpose. Good quality wool felt is usually maintainable, breathable, ecological, stain-resistant, and shrink-resistant.

Wool Felt DIY Kits

If you don’t have time to create something from scratch, browse through the internet to find the entire collection of DIY kits for inspiration on incorporating wool felt into one-of-a-kind gifts for family and friends or creating something unique for yourself.

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