How Does an FTMO Broker Operate?

FTMO is a private company that was established in September 2015. They have offices in Prague, Czech Republic, and provide traders with a capital balance of up to $2,000,000 with up to 90% profit splits. With the direct market access execution model on their live corporate accounts, they are partnered with a liquidity provider that provides the institutional data feed.

Is FTMO a monthly fee?

No, there are no supplementary or unexpected charges. All of it, including the Verification, is covered by the FTMO Challenge cost. We don’t charge any ongoing fees at all.

How Does an FTMO Broker Operate?

Like the majority of prop firms, FTMO broker operates similarly. You must demonstrate your expertise as a trader by passing the FTMO examination process. All prop trading firms lay out different guidelines, specifications, and trading goals for their problems. You must achieve profit targets—roughly 10% for most funded accounts—while abiding by all trading restrictions to pass the FTMO examination. Additionally, you can choose your account size, and the prop firm will supply you with trading cash. The majority fall between $10,000 and $200,000.

You will be qualified to invest professionally as an authorized FTMO trader once you have satisfied all of the conditions in the evaluation procedure. You can trade to make money as a result. You’ll earn more money the more successful you are. Funded traders begin with an 80% profit share, and as you surpass profit targets, FTMO will increase that amount to 90%.

Traders can access payouts at any moment by cryptocurrency, direct deposit, or Skrill. However, your FTMO account will be shut down immediately if you exceed one of the maximum loss restrictions. The evaluation procedure will need to be repeated for you to climb back up to a funded trading account.

In contrast to other prop firms, FTMO broker never engages in direct trading on the financial markets, even when fully funded. A trader never leaves a demo trading account. Your trading techniques shouldn’t be impacted by this, however. You will also continue to get all profits that you make.


  • Low one-time cost that, following evaluation, is entirely refundable.
  • Some of the industry’s best profit split payments.
  • 80% of rewards are given to new traders, potentially increasing to 90% if trading goals are attained.
  • Advanced tracking technology to support risk management and profit targets for amateur and experienced traders.


  • Even if you succeed in the FTMO Challenge and become a fully funded trader, all FTMO traders continue to operate on demo accounts.
  • As a result, it’s possible that your trades won’t be executed on the actual market.
  • Many forex traders find the two-step evaluation method time-consuming and tedious because it involves numerous difficulties and stages.
  • The first stage of the FTMO evaluation has a strict 10% profit target, although the aim subsequently reduces to 5% for the second verification stage.

Pros And Cons Of Forex-Funded Trading Accounts

The Pros of forex funded accounts

Forex funding services are advantageous since funded trading can trade with higher quantities without using their cash. Since only tried and reliable traders may have forex-funded accounts, and a successful run is a significant advantage on your resume, you will also build an excellent portfolio. Even though you must demonstrate your success in forex tsrading, get started after passing the test.

Forex funding schemes are advantageous for the companies that support them and the sponsored traders. Businesses gain more flexibility and financial savings. They can do this because forex-funded accounts are private investment partnerships set up to avoid having to register under federal and state law, which is a prerequisite for publicly traded funds.

The Cons of Forex Funded Accounts

However, these programs have some drawbacks that traders should be aware of. First, traders are restricted to the platform that the firm recommends. You will need to learn how to utilize it if it is new to you. Another concern is maintaining losses within predetermined limits while displaying consistent results. Last, not all businesses split earnings equally; a 90/10 split is the anomaly.


For forex traders, FTMO is a top-notch proprietary trading company. The FTMO Challenge guidelines and Verification procedure are transparent and well-documented. The provided trading tools are well-liked by traders, and the cost is fair. For successful forex traders, FTMO offers a funded account with a payment of 80%–90% of their profits to identify trading abilities. FTMO was founded in September 2015 and is a privately held corporation. They have offices in Prague, Czech Republic, and offer traders up to $2,000,000 in the capital with profit percentages of up to 90%.

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