How To Choose Right Instagram DP For Your Account

Instagram is a hub to social activity. The amount of attention you get on Instagram is amazing. Your profile on Instagram represents you and your profession. A perfect profile is essential to draw attention and gain more followers. A perfect profile is composed of a perfect Instagram feed, highlights, bio and a perfectly placed profile picture. A profile picture says a lot about you, suppose it to be an introduction to you and your profile, of course you need a great introduction to get a great impact. You could be a business profile, creator profile or a normal profile on Instagram, you need a profile picture that catches the eye instantly. Here’s all you need to know about how to get the perfect profile picture.
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  1. The perfect size and orientation: Imagine having a profile picture that is cropped by the circular thumbnail. You of course do not want that. The picture should be perfectly placed in the middle of that circle for it to be viewed clearly. In order to achieve this profile picture should be of the perfect size i.e. 110 X 110 pixels with a centre orientation. This helps you get a perfectly placed and visible profile picture for Instagram. Try using an online tool like Instazoom to set your profile pictures to perfect size.
  1. Choose a picture with good brightness and colour: Nothing compares to a picture that is clear and of high resolution. Make sure you choose a picture that is high definition and clear. Having good picture quality helps you profile picture become recognizable and appealing. People at times tend to use a dull or dark picture which is not acceptable. Make sure your profile picture is brightly lit and has a balance of colour and light in proper proportion to create an interesting profile picture.
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  1. Use filters: Filters are a legacy to Instagram. To create that smooth look over your profile picture, filters are the best option. What works better, is choosing a similar filter for your profile and posts to help create a flow on your profile. You of course need a profile picture that goes well with the rest of your page in order to get this, using the same filter helps.
  1. Try using a similar profile for all your social media handles: People usually do not get this, but it is vital to have a similar picture for all your profiles, to help people identify you. May it be your Facebook, Instagram or any other active account, trying using a similar picture. This helps people identify you and build a brand image. It is a common source for people to know it is you on varied platforms.
  2. Use latest photos: Do you still have that age-old profile picture? If yes, now is the right time to switch it. Choosing a profile picture that is the latest is important.
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    People know the current you and not you from ages old. Also with the changing trends and ideas, your old picture would not work. Put up a fresh picture of your brand or yourself for people to be able to recognize you easily.

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