Lights, Camera, Action!

People tend to have mixed feelings and different opinions about a pre-wedding shoot. Some think it is way too expensive and ultimately of no use, whereas some think it is essential to have it. However, this Pre-wedding photography has a lot of advantages.


You can make sure the photographer is right for you through this photoshoot. Like, if he can communicate with you correctly or not, is he able to put on board what you want, understand your needs and work accordingly or not. Keep these factors in mind. This will also ensure that you share a comfortable bond with the photographer before the big day. 

  • Please choose correctly, as it depends upon how smooth the shoot will go; avoid any mishappenings and go orderly. Pre-wedding photography should be compulsory because: 
  • It will help you form a bond between you and the photographer. 
  • Nowadays, these shoots are not just about random shots and random presenting. Every couple looks for a photographer who can create an exceptional album of pictures for them. Mostly in a way that will portray their story. Please make sure you book and stay connected with the photographer beforehand and keep the confirmation coming from their side. Make sure you are calm and not in a hurry so that when you face the camera, you are in the moment and natural. If you stay calm and natural, it will also help the photographer better understand angles to make a better album for you. You will also start feeling comfortable once you know him and his way of shooting. 
  • It gives you an idea of what style would suit you the most. That way, you will be able to make the most on the big day. Professional photographers also have additional knowledge of what to shoot that would suit the couple best, so don’t forget to take suggestions from them. Even if you have a picture in mind of what you want, hear them out. This will also make it clear how good he is at his work.
  • These are an addition to your wedding photos that you can cherish later in life. It avoids the baggage of heavy clothes and duties, unlike on the big day and allows you to enjoy the time with the partner. Another benefit is that it is up to you if you want to showcase these pictures or not.
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    You can keep it to yourself also. These pictures portray the genuine bond that the couple shares.
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  • You can even use these pictures as a slideshow or in the invitation or greeting card of the wedding. You can indulge the people in the slideshow, like ask the photographer to capture when they are enjoying with the family or eating or maybe to do anything fun.  

You can use these pictures to hang in your room. This will always remind me of the day and the bond you share and refresh the memories.


Honestly, this should be a must-do for all the couples, as this creates a different bond between you and your fiance and you and the photographer. This is much needed on the big day.
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You get to cherish these moments and enjoy life with your partner throughout your life. 

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