List of different kinds of felt hats for women

A felt hat is a type of soft felt cap, usually with a brim. They can either be designed as a simple cylinder or be creased lengthwise down the crown and ‘pinched’ at regular intervals (this was popular during the 1930s). The generic term felt covers those made from wool felt, lambs felt and rabbit felt which are frequently used in hand-made or high-end hats; but equally there are many others made from synthetic felt such as acetate and viscose.

Different kinds of felt hats for women:

1) Newsboy Cap:

This old style winter garment has all the wonderful qualities associated with felt – it’s warm, water-resistant and easy to form – not to mention it looks good, too. It’s an ideal winter felt hat;

2) Floppy felt hats:

For the ladies, felt is great when it comes to floppy felt hats. These are very much like felt cloche hats in that they sit low on your head and cover your ears, but they don’t have the same rounded finish, instead giving you a more subtle effect with just the brim touching the top of your head. This makes them perfect for keeping out light showers or covering up unkempt hair;

3) Newsboy cap:

This felt long hat is nice for casual occasion and it goes well both with jeans and kakis. The pinched crown provides detailing while the 6 inch deep crown offers additional room for styling purposes.

4) Felt fedora hats:

The felt fedora hat is a classic felt cloche. The crown of the felt fedora is short and round with a pinched front that often ties at the back creating an uneven circle around your head when tied properly. It’s usually has leather band or grosgrain ribbon hatband around the crown;

5) Trilby felt hats:

A trilby felt hat is felt version of trilby hat. It is very similar in design to the traditional trilby but it’s made in felt rather than straw which means it can be worn all year round. They are also very versatile in style, too.
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You can wear them with practically any outfit and they’ll never look out of place. Generally, felt trilby hats are smaller than the traditional straw versions;

6) Beret felt hats:

A beret felt hat is much like a newsboy cap but it has more crown and less brim all the time. It’s usually made in felt, wool felt or rabbit felt. The cylindrical shape of the hat is achieved by turning up the brim which typically falls to one side of your head allowing for lots of style options.

7) Fedora felt hats:

Fedora felt hat is nice for spring and summer season because it offers you sleek design with warm feeling at an affordable price. It features 6 inch deep crown with 4 inches wide brim that can be snapped up on both sides. Felt is a great choice for fedora felt hat because felt is varied in color and texture, adding the plenty of options.

8) Porkpie felt hats:

Newsboy cap can be seen as a variation of porkpie felt hat because it’s designed with a flat top crown. Porkpie felt hat sits low on your head with a short brim that curves up at the front allowing you to show off the super smooth nap the merino wool felt creates;

9) Trilby felt hats:

A trilby felt hat is perfect for any occasion when you need something that offers both style and warmth all year round. They are versatile in style, too. You can wear them with practically any outfit and they’ll never look out of place. Generally, felt trilby hats are smaller than the traditional straw versions;

10) Foldable felt hat:

It is not only made from felt and shaped like a newsboy cap but also foldable for your convenience. When folded, it becomes very compact and easy to store or carry which makes it perfect for travelling. It provides you with fabulous style at all times;


There are different felt hats for women, whatever felt hat you choose, it should be comfortable so that you can wear it all day long.

In a word, felt hats for women are very classic and perfect to keep your head warm.
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