Online Bingo vs land based bingo games

Nowadays, online casinos including BarbadosBingo are indisputably in a better position than their traditional bricks and mortar cousins. There are more sign-ups than ever, more people are depositing cash, more people are playing, and as a result, the money gets recycled back into the industry.

Online bingo is no different. The reports and statistics state year on year than people are voting with mouse clicks. Traditional bingo halls were in decline, not because people were falling out of love with bingo, but because they simply wanted to play from the comfort of their own homes.

How do traditional bingo halls and online bingo sites differ?

The first thing to mention, however obvious, would be the increased convenience of online bingo sites. As stated above, people wanted the choice of playing bingo from anywhere, without the hassle of trekking to the nearest town on a cold, dark evening.

When you think about it, online bingo isn’t really a surprise. It’s just followed suit where everything else has gone before it. We work, shop, and consume entertainment from our sofas. Why would this form of entertainment be any different?

Secondly, it’s a fact that online bingo sites are more lucrative. They’ve simply got more money running through the industry and as a result, they can offer the users bigger bonuses and prizes.

Traditional bricks and mortar bingo halls had huge unsustainable overheads to keep them running, often in old Victorian and Edwardian mock palaces with crippling rents. Online sites are much more economically sustainable, and as a result, run at greater profits.

Do the games differ online from traditional bingo halls?

The games are the same online as in traditional bingo halls, with some even suggesting that the choice is better online. You’ll be able to find your favourite variations, from 90-ball, 75-ball, and 30-ball speed bingo, but now with online bingo, you can even play 80-ball bingo and something called Slingo – a mixture of slots games and bingo!

Another factor which may seem different online is the speed of the game. This can split opinion, as for some, bingo is about the social occasion, whereas for others it is about simply playing the game.

Online bingo is much faster than traditional bingo. This is because the numbers are chosen by a Random Number Generator rather than a human caller. Therefore, if you want to play a few games on the commuter train into work, this is for you. However, if you miss the old-style back and forth between caller and players, online bingo may disappoint.

Will live bingo halls become a thing of the past?

As of yet, online bingo can’t recreate the social interaction of being in a bricks and mortar bingo hall, with people chatting, laughing, and drinking at the bar. Yes, you can play remote bingo where the numbers are drawn by a human host, but you’ll still be at home, much like a Zoom meeting.

However, statistics show that people aren’t too fussed by this, and are therefore signing up online in record numbers. If you want to play bingo on a Tuesday morning at 8am, you can online. If you want to play bingo in the bath, you can online.

It’s likely that there will always be novelty bingo halls in the UK’s big towns as people need outlets to be sociable at sites like proteinrealm. However, all the data suggests that in order to evolve and flourish, bingo is better off online.

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