Pros and Cons of living in Nashville

Nashville, the capital city of Tennessee, is becoming a favorite place for Americans and multicultural people. There are ample investment, job, and startup opportunities in this happening city. Yet, its real estate price will rise soon as many want to buy a home to permanently reside here. Here, we have listed a few of the pros and cons of why Nashville is the right place to live in 2021 for all people.  


1. Population

As of 2020, Nashville’s population is 689,447 only. When you compare it with other states’ capital, it comes in the 21st most populous state in the USA. Hence, it is not a congested city. The present population is inclusive of multicultural people. Thus, all people dwelling here have equal opportunities. You love Nashville if you are moving to Nashville from Chicago or other major US cities which are more congested.

2. Employment Opportunities

Nashville City and its neighborhood area is the major hub for commercial and industrial activities. It is very easy to find a job once landed or willing to settle in Nashville. The major fortune 500 companies present here are as follows.

  •       BNY Mellon
  •       Bridgestone Americas
  •       Ernst & Young, Community Health Systems
  •       Dell
  •       Deloitte
  •       Dollar General
  •       Hospital Corporation of America
  •       Nissan North America
  •       Philips
  •       Tractor Supply Company
  •       UBS

Apart from these major companies, there are startups, retailers, and small businesses in Nashville. Thus, qualified, experienced, and non-qualified people can find a job within 2-days here.

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3. Transportation

Nashville is nigh connected with railways, highways, Cumberland River Port, and Waterways with the rest of the states. Nashville MTA and Music City Star Rail make people from its neighborhoods come here at an affordable cost via road and metro rail. Nashville has an International Airport. Thus traveling via transportation becomes cheaper for the Nashville residents and workers commuting from the neighboring states.

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4. Nightlife

Nashville City and its urban areas have many nightclubs, bars, and restaurants to meet the multicultural people’s nightlife needs. Thus, busy working people and business people can relax on the weekends with dance, music, drinks, and food while enjoying the nightlife in Nashville.

5. Real Estate Price

Searching for living space within your budget can be availed once you check the real estate prices in Nashville. If you are looking for a rental home or buy a new flat, the doors are open to finding the desired one as per your budget.  You might even look for roommates in Nashville and split the rent. Thus, rental homes and commercial places are comparatively cheaper than the other major cities in the USA. Nashville neighborhoods are much affordable, and it is a booming one in real estate investment in Nashville, Tennessee.

6. Music City

Nashville’s other name is Music City. People who love country music must settle here to rejoice daily from Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium, and Bluebird Café. Here, local and famous artists give a live performance. Every day you can enjoy one band performing their mesmerizing numbers.  

7. Education

The Nashville city and its urban areas have many educational institutions. Thus, many of them find Nashville as the best place for work and giving education to their children.

8. Health Care Services

Nashville has one of the best National Health Services and private hospitals. Thus, people suffering from chronic diseases can have regular medical checkups and emergency medical needs.

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1.Seasonal Allergies

Nashville is not the right place to dwell because people are allergic to air-born pollutants. The pollen count is comparatively high when compared to other cities in the USA. Yet, one can find pollen in all seasons in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Nashville City is famous for daily car congestion. It is because; the majority of the workforce and native people have a car. They use them daily to commute for their job, shopping, and any other travel needs. It is why traffic is more on the city roads and might feel annoying to reach on time to any place you are willing to go in the city limits.

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