Reasons Your Car Insurance Claim Is Being Denied. 

There is no doubt that accidents can be traumatizing for your physical and mental state, but many people fail to immediately realize their impact on your financial state. Being involved in an accident can greatly strain your finances. Victims of accidents often suffer from extensive injuries and end up with expensive medical bills. They may also be unable to work for some time, lose their livelihood, and pay for car repairs or replacement. 

The law allows certain parties involved in car accidents to seek compensation to recover their financial damages. However, without the proper legal aid, your claim might be dismissed.
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You must consult a qualified
Lake Oswego car accident attorney that determines your eligibility for compensation and guides you on how to receive it. 

What are common reasons claims are rejected?

  • The accident was caused because of your negligence. 

You owe a duty of care to drivers on the road, and if you breach it by being negligent, which results in an accident, you are not allowed to seek compensation. Examples of negligent misconduct include distracted driving, driving without a valid license, overspending, and intoxicated driving.
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  • You waited too long before filing a claim. 

There is a strict statute of limitations after every car accident. It is the time period within which you can initiate legal proceedings against the other driver and seek compensation. Every state’s regulations differ, and in Oregon, the statute of limitations is two years. If you initiate the legal procedure after it expires, your claim will get denied.
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  • No or insufficient evidence. 

Evidence plays a significant role in car accident claims. It enables you to prove the other party’s negligence and the extent of your damages. If you have insufficient evidence to prove your injuries, you may not receive compensation. Your lawyer in Lake Oswego is aware of the evidence necessary to seek compensation and help you gather it. 

  • You did not seek medical care immediately. 

Seeking medical treatment after your accident is not only essential for your health but also for your claim. If you did not seek medical care, insurance claim adjusters might insist that your injuries resulted from something other than the accident, and the other driver cannot be held liable. 

Without compensation, your future financial security is at significant risk. You must have the legal support of an experienced attorney that can assess your case and help you make the proper legal steps to seek the compensation you deserve. 

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