Some Most Expensive And Fashionable Bracelets

People use a lot of accessories to enhance their beauty. People use various stylish watches or bracelets to enhance the beauty of their hands, just as they use beautiful sunglasses for the eyes, stylish clothes to wear and beautiful shoes for the feet.
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Some bracelets are not for use all the time; only elite people can use these bracelets as a hobby. Today’s article is about some of the most expensive bracelets that you have to spend a lot of money to buy. Bracelets of different designs will be very helpful in enhancing your external beauty.

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Gulf Pearl Parure:

Gulf Pearl Parure is a 19.5 cm long attractive bracelet. It was sold in 2008 as a combination of other jewellery. It was made of a combination of 24 diamonds that sold for 31 million. It is the most expensive bracelet globally, and its beauty is further enhanced by other jewellery.
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Diamond panther bracelet:

A diamond panther bracelet is a panther shape bracelet that is the most expensive as a single bracelet. The bracelet has a history of being thought to be the most expensive bracelet in the world when King Edward gifted this expensive bracelet to his friend’s wedding. The bracelet was put up for auction in 2010 and sold for 12.
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5 million.

The Emerald Bracelet:

The Emerald Bracelet is a luxury bracelet with a market value of $ 4,002,500, and when combined with necklaces and earrings, it has a market value of $ 24,799,000. It is the 3rd most expensive bracelet available in the market.

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White gold bracelet diamond 18k:

White gold bracelet diamond 18k is one of my bracelets, so that 100 per cent diamond has been used, and 18k white gold has been used. Its current market value is $ 1,35,811.

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