What Are Pollen Count and Its importance?   

Are you someone with severe allergies and needs to know the pollen counts before you step out? Pollen count, Los Angeles is something to watch out for to ensure your safety. Did you know that at least 20% of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies due to pollen?

It’s no wonder that the pollen count is so important to prevent triggering your pollen allergies. Los Angeles, in particular, has super bloom, pollen, and grass along with high air pollution. So, pollen allergies are higher. Plus, the environment and weather can trigger more allergies and other respiratory problems.
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That’s why pollen count in Los Angeles is crucial.

You might wonder what pollen count is and how it can help you. This article will tell you that and enlighten you on treating your allergies.
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What is the Pollen Count?

To understand pollen allergies, you need to understand pollen count.
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This count measures pollen grains per cubic meter of the air.

They are calculated in a standardized manner on a 24-hour basis in each location. For instance, you’ll find that according to the weather forecasters, the pollen count in Los Angeles on 5th Jan 2022 is 0. Similarly, this data is available every day on an hour-to-hour basis.

Generally, your high and low pollen count determine how people with allergies will be affected.

High pollen count occurs under the following conditions:

  • Mould- 13000 to 49000
  • Tree- 90 to 1499
  • Grass- 20 to199
  • Weeds- 50 to 499

High pollen count generally occurs during warm temperatures and triggers allergies.

Low Pollen count occurs under the following conditions:

  • Mould- 1 to 6499
  • Tree- 1 to 14
  • Grass- 1 to 4
  • Weeds- 1 to 9

Low pollen count occurs when there are cool, damp, and rainy days. However, this nourishes the growth of pollen, and during warm seasons it flourishes and triggers allergies.

Why is it Important?

The pollen count is important because it helps people with allergies be prepared for the various symptoms of pollen allergies. It helps make plans for the day and decide whether you should participate in outdoor activities at that specific time.

Knowing the count can help you decide whether you need to take an oral antihistamine before stepping out for a walk. Checking the counts and knowing which pollen you are allergic to is vital for the upkeep of your health.

If you know that there is a high pollen count, you can medicate yourself before stepping out. Suppose the pollen counts are low; you’ll be able to step out more freely.

How to Treat Seasonal Pollen Allergies?

The pollen count is important to know to take the necessary precautions. That apart, here are some tips to protect yourself and treat your seasonal allergies:

  • You should shower before you sleep so that you eliminate pollen and have a peaceful sleep
  • Closing your windows at home will help reduce exposure
  • Avoid stepping out when the pollen count is high
  • Take your prescribed allergy medicines when there is a high pollen count, and you can’t avoid stepping out
  • You should wash your bedding often during high pollen count seasons


Pollen count determines the number of pollen grains per cubic meter in the air. Knowing the pollen count in Los Angeles if you’re planning to step out to ensure you don’t trigger any of your pollen allergies. Besides, you should also take several other precautions, as mentioned above, to ensure you are safe and healthy.

You should shower before sleeping, wash your bedding frequently and avoid spending time outside during high pollen days. Pollen count is crucial in helping you chalk out your day according to pollen levels in the air. Have care and consult a doctor if required to understand your pollen allergies better.

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