What to Look for in a Shadow Box for a DIY Project

There are several types of shadow boxes.

Shadow boxing may not be the same as these priceless museum exhibits, but it still has a lot of power! Historical artefacts, honours, artwork, and sentimental mementos are all perfect candidates for a well-made shadow box, a kind of glass-enclosed display case. Your treasured artefacts and souvenirs are protected from the elements with these enclosures. Non-reflective glass and non-reflective glass shadow boxes are available in two different variations, and regardless of which type you choose to use, they will immediately improve the aesthetics of any room. There are a number of classic versions, which may either be piled one on top of the other or installed as a single piece. If you are looking for light box templates, please visit our website.

Shadow box frames have a fascinating history that you should know about.

For military retirees, this kind of display box was provided to keep their medals, pins and flags safe and secure.
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Shadow boxes would be given to veterans in recognition of their service, to be displayed and preserved by them as a reminder of their last rank and the sacrifices they made.

In the days when seamen manned wooden ships, this was a common practise. According to a legend handed down from generation to generation, the shadows of retired sailors were considered bad luck if they landed before they did. With their long and outstanding service on board, these guys deserved to showcase their souvenirs in a shadow box made of fine woods. They get a “shadow” when they land, and they retain it on board as a memory of their stay at sea when it returns to port. Shadow boxes have a long and famous history as a form of art.

Shadow Boxes in the Modern Age

As a fun DIY project or a way to show off those precious little seashells, more and more people are adorning their homes with display cases. No bathroom is complete without seashells, aren’t there? A glass-enclosed or open-air case would look wonderful in almost any piece of art or family heirloom you currently possess.

Be creative with your shadow box to make it stand out! Painting it to match the exhibits, placing succulents within, or simply putting a favourite flower in front of the glass screen are all viable options for a fresh take on living wall art.
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Using your shadow box, you may create a stunning collage of wedding or family photos, maps, or block letter initials. They may be hung on the wall or put on a mantel or entertainment centre using any standard picture frame hook.

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