YouTube Video Ideas: The Ultimate Guide

Simply placing advertising on the yellow pages or sending out coupons in the mail is not enough to draw in new clients. It requires knowledge of the internet as well as a desire to keep up with current trends.

A website is a good place to start for many organizations, but you’ll ultimately want to move on to developing high-quality instructive material that your existing and potential customers will want to view.

Using YouTube videos to provide value to your business and provide relevant advice and information to your customers is a great method to do so.
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It’s the ideal approach to expand your audience, with over 1.8 billion people watching videos on the platform. If you’re like most company owners, coming up with new YouTube video ideas on a regular basis can seem to be intimidating.

Rings a bell? Well, then, Let’s take a look at simple, entertaining, and reliable video ideas to get you started.

10 unique YouTube video ideas

1. Talk about your origin

A gripping narrative is something that everyone enjoys. Audiences find it fascinating to accompany you on your journey from a small startup to a global enterprise, whether you’re describing how you went from a small startup to a global enterprise, letting people peek behind the scenes at your launch party, or revealing the inspirations that drove you to develop a product.

What is it about genesis tales that makes them so successful? In a nutshell, genuine videos provide credibility to your business and humanize your company. Instead of merely promoting them, you acquire their trust by allowing viewers to establish personal connections with your story. When people can witness you win through spectacular ups and downs, they become even more emotionally committed to your business.

2. Share your progress

Although humility is a virtue, there is nothing wrong with letting the world know when you do great things. The public may be more interested in the safety awards you’ve received than in the HR honors you’ve just received, but both should be highlighted. Also, keep in mind that a well-produced video is much more engaging than a dull press release or an email announcement.

By taking people behind the scenes during contests and illustrating your battle to triumph, cool YouTube videos displaying your business highlights generate considerable word of mind. This may increase your industry’s or possible business partners’ awareness.

3. Explain a point

People might be won over by sharing facts that demonstrate your company’s value or effectiveness. Unfortunately, since the internet is already overflowing with information, your message is likely to be overlooked. Animation and other visual language are used in business YouTube videos that straddle the line between instructiveness and memorability to make the most of limited time without overwhelming viewers.

This method allows a great deal of flexibility in terms of creativity. You may use just animation or whiteboard videos to convey a point succinctly, or you can combine visuals with relevant footage to put your products, services, and thoughts in perspective.

4. Work with local businesses

Do you work with local companies regularly? Make a collaboration video to demonstrate some of those connections. Talk about your relationship and the common interests that drew you and the other company together in the first place. Show off your work together if you’ve just completed it.

Come up with solutions to common questions by working together and drawing on both of your experiences. Collaboration videos allow you and your collaborators to showcase your work while also raising brand awareness for both businesses.

5. Unveil sensational reviews, studies, and testimonials

It’s one thing to read a product review, but the finest YouTube videos excel at marketing because they show someone genuinely talking about the item in issue. According to a simple search of all video categories, reactions, playthroughs, unboxings, and other aspects that enable viewers to see themselves as customers are among the most popular marketing materials. Expert comments, case study findings, and interviews with well-known personalities may all help to give your business credibility.

6. Recruitment videos

Do you need an ‘agile’ as well as a ‘value-added’ employee? Who can reach out to your customers? No? Good. Instead, ditch the jargon in favor of an inspiring recruiting video that really embodies your company’s basic principles. Even major concerns such as gender equality may be addressed with an effective recruiting video. SAP, a global software company, utilized an animated recruitment video to great success in their attempts to promote themselves as a place that actively supports women to strive for greater heights. This sort of YouTube video idea might be used to help you with your own recruiting process.

7. Expose the industry-related- myths

There are myths and misunderstandings about every sector that circulates on the internet. These factors may influence customers’ buying choices, and they may decide not to use your services at all.

Take a look at some of the most prevalent urban legends you’ve come across. If you’re stumped, look for “common myths” about your sector on the internet.

Make a video explaining why the myths are false after you have a few ready. This is the kind of educational video material that demonstrates to customers that you’re not simply looking for a quick buck.

8. Provide helpful how-to knowledge

People seek knowledge that truly benefits them, especially with so much garbage on the internet. Even if they aren’t affiliated with a particular product, how-to videos give immediate enjoyment and practical usefulness. Their propensity for being shared also enhances your credibility. Demonstrations of how to utilize things may also be used to highlight the use of interesting features.

9. Showcase your innovations

Cool YouTube videos get a lot of traction by showing or explaining cutting-edge technology. Even if your industry isn’t related to rocket science, demonstrating what makes your cutting-edge technology unique can gain you a legion of devoted fans.

10. Encourage others

Even if it doesn’t seem like it at times, you make a difference in your community. Encourage others to do the same by using your videos.

Is your company involved with a specific charity or raises money for local schools? If that’s the case, utilize them to make motivational videos highlighting how your company contributes to the community.

This will elicit an emotional reaction from viewers, allowing your firm to stand out from the crowd.
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People are enthusiastic about supporting businesses that actively try to better their communities.
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YouTube is critical if you want to establish your organization’s online presence. You may use this free platform in a variety of ways. Create a channel and post videos demonstrating your goods or services to begin. YouTube will be well worth it for your company if you put in the time and effort.

We prepared a list of YouTube video ideas to help you get started on making interesting and shareable content that will draw subscribers and help you expand your channel and, in turn, your business. We hope you came across some new ways to enhance your content. Let us know if we missed any great ones in the comments section below.

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