10 Tips to Keep Your Car Cool During Summer

Summer is upon us, and while it might be the best season for outdoor activities, it comes with heat that can have downsides, especially if you own a car. When an engine runs too hot, it can lead to vehicle damage and even put your safety at risk. Cars need to be kept cool, but just how do you ascertain that? Here are a few tips to prevent your vehicle from overheating.

1. Tint the Windows

A tint limits the penetration of UV light, thus preventing overheating and fabric damage. Window tints or films are easily available at the local auto body shop or dealership. You can customise your car further by getting Koni shock absorbers.

2. Park the Vehicle in the Shade

This is perhaps the most straightforward tip. Shadows provide a cool space from the rest of the environment. Parking in a shady spot both keeps the car cool and lengthens its life. If you can find a location with a shade, consider a sunshade.

3. Leave the Windows Open a Bit

Closed windows trap hot air. The glass also acts as a conductor, accelerating the heating process. As such, you may want to leave the windows slightly open so that the hot air can escape. If your car has a sunroof, open it as well. However, you will want to ensure that the gap is not big enough for someone to reach through and steal your belongings. Be wary of the weather as the last thing you want is a wet interior.

4. Use Window Shades

Car window shades come in handy as you cannot always be sure you will find a shady spot to park. Car window shades are basically ultra-violet heat shields that prevent the interior from overheating. In addition, they protect your fabrics and dashboard. You will even come across custom-made options ensuring they fit your car.

5. Get a Remote Starter

This device helps you cool down the car before you even get in. This helps reduce the need to run the AC as you drive and leverage the circulating fresh air instead.

6. Turn on the Floor Air Vents

Most drivers are used to using the dashboard vents. What many people don’t know is that you are better off using the floor vents. As well all know, hot air rises and so, if you use the floor vents and put the blower on maximum, hot air will be easily pushed out. Once the car cools, you can turn to the dashboard vents.

7. Cover the Seats and Steering Wheel with a Towel

Black upholstery, especially made of leather will quickly become hot when left out in the direct sun. Consider covering the seats and steering wheel with a white blanket or towel. This will help reflect the sun’s rays, leading to less heat absorption and ultimately, a cooler interior.

8. Pay Attention to the Temperature Range

Found on the dashboard, the temperature range is a device with a pointer that should always be in the center. If it gets towards the hot region, you will want to stop the car, turn off the engine and allow the car to cool.

9. Turn on the Heat

This might sound counterintuitive, especially during this hot season, but it can help pull hot air from the engine section and cool it. While it will not solve the underlying issue, it is a great measure when you are taking long drives.

10. Use the Fresh Air Setting

Rather than using the recirculation on the AC setting, consider the fresh air one for a few minutes.

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