360 Compliance – The Only One-Stop Solution for All Regulatory Approvals

360 Compliance is the only one-stop solution that provides all the controlling endorsements to its clienteles from surprise to documentation. 360 Compliance, along with the help of its efficient laboratories, includes support for all the necessary regulatory approvals starting from the complete turn-key challenging solution from the start to the end. It also includes UL certification, IEC 62368 certification, FCC certification, and CE certification, among many others, and all this in Project Management, One-Stop-Shop, and Consulting services.360 Compliance does it all through one channel for almost 195 countries around the globe, making sure that they minimize your costs and shorten the time to market.

The examination research laboratory and offices of 360 Compliance are located in the EU, Asia, and the USA, which is all attributed under the ISO 17025 authorization. 360 Obedience is a one-stop facility solution for you that, on an yearly foundation, handles hundreds of regulatory approvals projects from Tier-1 to SU’s companies to Hi-Tech manufacturers, offering to test, consulting, and certification facilities.

Facilities Obtainable By 360 Obedience for Controlling Approvals

UL certification

IEC 62368 challenging & certification


Sustainability Challenging and Guarantee (RoHS, REACH, Prop65, CPSIA)

ACMA certification

Electrical Safety consulting and pre-assessment

Regulatory consulting

Bluetooth SIG certification

Product testing safety and documentation

Category endorsements wireless in 196 countries

EMC testing and documentation (FCC certification, CE certification, VCCI)

360 compliance as a one-stop solution service aims to provide value delivered to help you shorten the time to market along with the greatest moneymaking and efficient solutions.

Value Proposals of 360 Obedience

Fixed costs from the start to the certificate

24/7 Proactive Project Management support with almost no effort from your side

Technical support in cases of failures, pretesting, and debugging

All tests are under ISO17025 accreditation

Covering Global Market Access requirements in 195 countries

Challenging and Documentation of FCC, CE, UL certification, Product Safety, Wireless, EMC

Procedure Movement of 360 Obedience for Getting All the Regulatory Approvals

360 Obedience commences the process of getting regulatory approvals from:-

  1. Preliminary the Project – Starting off the scheme is the primary step for getting all the regulatory approvals. It comprises gathering all the information and statistics available, following the funding scheme, and preliminary with the call.
  2. Technical Review- A thorough review of all the practical characteristics is the additional step of the controlling approval process, which includes preparing both the samples and the documents and commerce with the label and the physical commands.
  3. Opening Examinations- In the third phase of the controlling approval procedure, 360 Obedience makes sure that they minimize both the costs and the uncertain risks before starting with the tests.
  4. Filled Lab Assessments- In the fourth phase of the regulatory approval process, they start by conducting complete acquiescence tests and providing on-site sustenance for the set-up and correcting of slightly mechanical issue that arises.
  5. Establishments Suggestion- In the fifth and final phase of the regulatory approval process, they get the type approvals, EU notified, FCC, CE certification, ISED, Verizon, UL certification, PTCRB, and CTI.

UL Certification

UL certification is a program specifically designed to mitigate all the risks that may arise and deliver confidence in global markets. The UL certification is broad and very comprehensively based. It is applicable in setting specific basic standards and requirements for products and the personnel, facilities, systems, and processes. This certification helps companies identify and make sure to close all the regulatory gaps available. It makes sure that the products meet compliance norms and the certifications are well maintained.

UL is an acronym that means ‘Underwriter Laboratories,’ which is a third-party Certification Company that has been there for many years and was created in 1894 in Chicago. The UL certification is out to ensure that all the products that come into the market are safe and align with the proper guidelines required to set that the respective products are safe from the environment. Certain products must be UL certified, including appliances, electrical components, electronic types of equipment, equipment used in hazardous locations, wires and cables, and fire protection and fire suppression types of equipment.

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