4 Surprising Ways Why Marketing Campaigns With Bumper Stickers Work

In today’s marketing era, most corporate branding seems to occur online. Digital branding is growing increasingly popular due to its low cost and vast audience reach. But, there’s an equally impressive low-cost choice aside from digital marketing: bumper stickers.

Car sticker marketing is a tried-and-true offline marketing method that has been helping people in businesses for quite some time now. Before the Internet, TV, or radio advertising existed, stickers were a popular choice for advertising purposes.
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Considering how cars have also evolved in recent years, it’s no secret why it’s still a buzz today. But, if you hesitate to invest in these simple yet effective stickers, here are four reasons to think otherwise.

Quantity and Quality of Audience Reach

Car stickers have many benefits over more traditional methods and media regarding brand promotion.

According to a particular case study, cars with stickers are likely to be seen by 3,000 prospective buyers every hour. This exposure means that more and more people will come to know your brand, and word of mouth will soon arrive after. This is especially true when having business locally.

Roaming a car around the streets in the neighbourhood with promotional intent can serve as an excellent marketing tool. You can be confident that most individuals who read your adverts are within your business’ vicinity. Meaning, you now have more qualified prospects likely to purchase your products and services.

Yes, not only will you reach a much larger audience, but you’ll also ensure to reach those with intent to buy.
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A single well-designed and produced bumper sticker is exceedingly a better option than stationed ones that get little to no exposure at all.

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Built to Last Longer

Car stickers are usually composed of durable materials such as vinyl. As you know, vinyl is highly weather-resistant, able to withstand even harsh conditions.

As a result, these stickers can tolerate the advent of cars’ everyday life.
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You’ll reap the advantages of continual and indirect advertising since they won’t fade or break when put into promotional vehicles.

A Cost-effective Option

Marketing has long been seen as an expensive indulgence. Fortunately, sticker marketing has brought good news for firms with limited marketing resources.

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With sticker marketing, you can purchase your desired sticker shape and size for at least $250 for 1000 pieces – all while having the ability to configure its design and format.

Furthermore, a bumper sticker can be mass-produced and kept for client distribution. So, even if a bumper sticker generates only one more client or sale, the return on investment will significantly outweigh the cost.

Easy to Update

Advertisements can come in all different forms, whether it’d be a seasonal promotion, a limited-time discount, or a limited-time service.

Depending on your marketing strategy and the time of the year, you can easily adjust your promotions with bumper stickers and experiment to find what works best for your company.

With a flexible marketing tool on hand, you can ensure that your organization will be current, up-to-date, and committed to continually enhancing your set of products and services.

Indeed, bumper or car stickers have become a popular trend among low-cost marketing strategies. As more companies see the value of this low-cost but effective form of promotion, you’ll surely notice an increase in stickers around.

If you haven’t been utilizing these ingenious marketing initiatives, it’s time for you to reconsider your options and find a reputable sticker company you can work with.

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