4 Ways On How You Can Benefit From Utilising an Upright Freezer

Shipments of standalone freezers like an upright freezer have increased dramatically in the last two years. The global pandemic has almost forced consumers to replace or purchase new freezers for their homes.

The nationwide implementation of stay-at-home orders decreased grocery trips, and families are stocking up on essential goods and ingredients.

The two most common freezers on the market are upright and chest freezers. While both are massive fan favourites, upright or vertical freezers are still the preferred and ideal way to store vegetables, meat, and beverages without compromising flavour, appearance, or quality.

But, there’s more to these freezers than just food preservation. Here are four more reasons to have one today.

Organise Efficiently

Although vertical freezers cost more than chest freezers, the added convenience justifies the price difference. How?

The upright model is ideal for frozen foods that need to be removed quickly.

Unlike chest freezers, you don’t need to bend your hips to the bottom and carve blocks of ices to get what you need.
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You can simply get the frozen goods you want with minimal movement.

In addition, the narrow vertical freezers also include sub-compartments and drawers.

Most models include adjustable and detachable storage bins and shelves, making them extremely useful if you want to rearrange and sort out the interior.

Conserving Floor Space

Uprights are also an ideal option if space is limited.

For instance, if you’re running a restaurant with limited kitchen space for multiple refrigerators, you can add a narrow freezer to maximise your area. With vertical freezers, you can utilise your space for movement and not compromise functionality.
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Even in tiny home kitchen spaces, the compatibility of these freezers can make a minimal area into a more functional room than it looks.

Fortunately, upright or vertical freezers come in a variety of sizes. You can select the right proportions that best meets your requirements. So, you can still find bigger ones for your massive kitchen oasis.


Compared to chest freezers, an upright freezer only needs minimal maintenance.

The first reason is that chest freezers don’t have an auto-defrost feature. As a result, cleaning chest freezers run from tedious defrosting, draining, and interior cleansing.

The second reason is that chest freezers require bending over and reaching deeper into the freezer, taxing the back and legs.

Upright or vertical freezers can be programmed to defrost automatically and then wiped down. It saves time and eliminates the headaches and backaches associated with cleaning the freezer’s interior.


Remember, upright or vertical freezers have hinged doors, which resemble regular refrigerators. This small feature is important to blend your freezer smoothly next to your existing refrigerator.

Vertical freezers also have digital temperature displays, which is useful for monitoring the freezer’s temperature. Depending on the food products being stored, the freezer’s temperature can be adjusted using the digital display and thermostat.

Finally, upright or vertical freezers also have castors and interior LED lighting. Both of these are excellent features that increase the efficiency of the freezers while also improving their appearance.

Indeed, purchasing an added dedicated freezer for your home can help you increase your food storage capacity.
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Although most standard refrigerators include a freezer, a refrigerator’s freezer space can often be limited to a few food and beverages.

But, with an extra vertical freezer on sight, you can buy food and beverages in bulk and freeze them for a company later.

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