5 Reasons Companies Work with Managed Service Providers

A huge percentage of companies in the United States outsource some of their IT services. Managed IT service providers provide the maintenance, auditing, and upgrading of a company’s systems – often at a fraction of the cost of a similar service provided in-house.
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Here are the top 5 reasons why companies choose to outsource their crucial IT services.
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  • Allowing IT Professionals to Complete Projects 

Businesses with pre-existing in-house IT departments frequently partner with third-party IT service providers. This is often because of a need or a desire to free up their in-house IT professionals so that they can complete more complex and immediate tasks. These tasks can include technology migration, security overhauls, and procurement planning.
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Third-party IT service providers take care of the everyday maintenance and servicing of a network, freeing in-house specialists up for more pressing work. It would be immensely frustrating for an IT team trying to get to grips with a complex project if they were constantly being called away to help with desk duties. 

  • Scaling Up

Increasing the size of a company can be risky. When a company is scaling up, executives will try and keep to the budget that they (hopefully) set during the planning phase. Hiring in permanent new members of staff for an expanding IT department is not always a financially viable option during a scaling up process. Third-party IT service providers allow companies to scale up without committing a huge amount of money to the expansion of an in-house IT team. Hiring IT professionals from outside the company reduces some of the risk associated with offering contracts to new staff. 

  • Cutting Down on Costs 

Perhaps the most obvious reason why so many businesses are choosing to work with Managed IT service providers is the cost efficiency it can provide. Large in-house IT teams are very expensive to maintain. They require large paychecks and have a great many equipment costs. Managed IT service providers have no start-up costs for their client businesses and can offer cheaper prices due to exploiting economies of scale – in this case, by taking on multiple client businesses. 

  • Proactive Monitoring 

While in-house IT teams may try and monitor a computer network as frequently as possible, they are not likely to have the staff necessary to handle maintenance and troubleshooting while monitoring a network all the time. Third-party service providers do have this particular luxury. They can proactively monitor a network. This can help them identify potential roadblocks before they even become a problem – making IT maintenance far more efficient. 

  • Expertise 

A good third-party IT company can bring a great deal of experience to bear. Working with multiple, varied clients helps a company to develop a nuanced understanding of client needs. When looking for a third-party IT service provider, companies should aim to partner up with a group that has experience in similar environments as the one that they foster. If a company is planning on migrating to the cloud or upgrading its digital capabilities, it should look for an IT service provider that has completed such projects in the past. 

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