6 Physical Symptoms That Prove Depression Is Not Just In Your Head

Depression is a mental condition and swinging of mood. But, many people think it’s only in the person’s head, nothing more than that. For them, I like to tell you that depression shows many physical symptoms as well, which are in the below article. To treat depression properly, you must follow the Emsam guide or visit a good doctor for treatment.

Physical Symptoms That Can Be Encountered During Depression

The below physical symptoms can appear during the depression:

1. Exhaustion or Consistent Lower Energy Levels

Exhaustion is a common symptom of depression. Rarely do we all experience lower energy levels and can feel inactive in the morning, hoping to stay in bed and watch TV instead of going to work.
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Now, we often believe exhaustion stalks from stress; depression can also cause fatigue. However, unlike everyday fatigue, depression-related fatigue can also cause concentration problems, feelings of irritability, and apathy.

Decreased Pain Tolerance When we suffer depression, everything hurts more and more. Have you ever experienced your nerves are on fire, and yet you can’t find any physical reason for your pain? It is because depression and pain often co-exist. A study conducted in 2015 shows that a correlation between people who are depressed and decreased pain tolerance. On the other hand, another study in 2010 states that pain has a greater impact on people who are depressed.

2. Back Pain or Aching Muscles all Over

Back pain can also bother you while you are depressed. However, I bet you must have faced back pain when you are at work or sitting at a school desk, but you were okay when you were at home. It could be stress, or it could be depression. Although they’re often associated with bad posture or injuries, backaches can also be a symptom of psychological distress.

3. Headaches

Everyone experiences occasional headaches. At the same time, they are so common that we often write them off as nothing serious.
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Stressful work situations, like a conflict with a co-worker, can even trigger these headaches. Now, your headache might not always be brought by stress, especially if you’ve tolerated your co-worker in the past. If you notice a switch to daily headaches, it could be a sign of depression.

4. Eye Problems or Decreasing Vision

If you are in depression, the world may look grey and bleak, as per the 2010 research in Germany that suggests this mental health concern may actually affect one’s eyesight. They conducted that study on 80 people, where depressed folks had difficulty seeing differences in black and white. It is known by researchers as “contrast perception,” this might explain why depression can make the world look hazy.

5. Stomach Pain or Uneasiness in the Abdomen

If you are depressed, you can also feel stomach pain or uneasiness in the abdomen. In the meantime, the sinking feeling in your stomach is one of the most recognizable signs of depression. However, when your abdomen starts to cramp, it’s easy to write it off as gas or menstrual pain.


So, the above points prove that depression is not on your head only. It is a serious case that you should consider and get treated as soon as possible.

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