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Are Graphic Design Skills Required to Build a Website?

Building a website can be a large undertaking. However, it is necessary for a successful business to have a website in a society that is largely online. There are many direct response website design services that offer drag and drop website builders and designers that can be hired, and having graphic design skills can help to make a website that stands out and represents a brand well.

Drag and Drop Builders

Several website builders are available that will allow you to drag your information into a premade theme and drop in images or photos from image banks. These are easy to use and can create a website within a day, even for those who have no prior experience building websites. While simple to use and provide a wide range of themes and layouts, they are limited in how customized they can be, and it will require time investments for learning how to do it as well as complete the site. They do offer a high level of control over the site.

Hiring a Website Developer

Web designers and developers can create a website from scratch that is specifically for one brand or business. They will include the logo and can make the experience specific to what is requested. Images will be provided that are new and often involve taking photographs of the workplace and the business itself or graphics designed for the company. It is a personalized approach and will take longer, but it is more hands-off, trusting the web designer to complete the task. A professional website can appear cleaner, more precise, and is specifically for that brand. This offers a different feel than a drag and drop builder, and the functionality can be adapted as the business grows. A website created this way has more flexibility and customization than others.

Benefits of Graphic Design Skills

Having graphic design skills can make website building more advanced. It allows for there to be a logo that is professionally created to represent a business that is easily connected to the business and recognizable. It will also allow for the graphics and the images that are used on the website to be high quality and original, setting it apart from other sites that are all using the same image banks for their sites. The skills that are included with graphic design are also useful in all of the decisions that are needed to create a website. Color matching, flow, and functionality are all related to graphic design, and these skills will provide a site that flows well. Color theory and the way in which specific fonts, lines, and shapes all work together, or interact with each other, are learned through graphic design and are key factors to be considered when creating a website. These skills will be used throughout the website and not only with the graphics or images but in creating the appeal of the site as a whole.

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