Cure Hearing Loss at Home

Hearing is a blessing that enables us to differentiate different sounds and communicate with each other.
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We can’t even imagine living without hearing. But, due to specific reasons, many people around the globe face difficulty in hearing, and even the whole ability of hearing can also be lost. This creates complications, and the person has to suffer. 

Multiple reasons cause hearing loss; therefore, treatment may vary and depend upon the cause and extent of hearing loss. Hearing loss is alarming. Generally, it may cause complications which may be psychological, social, and physical problems.
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Therefore, it is essential to understand that
hearing loss is reversible? Let us briefly find the answer to this question in today’s article. 

Types of Hearing Loss

Treatment and remedies vary depending upon the hearing loss. Therefore, it is good to discuss the types of hearing loss first. 

The 3 main types in which hearing loss is characterized areas:

  • Sensorineural Hearing Loss. 
  • Conductive Hearing Loss. 
  • Mixed (both sensorineural and conductive). 

We shall see the pattern and typical treatments for these types of hearing loss.

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Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SNHL) is the most usual type of hearing loss, therefore occurring in most people with hearing defects. It accounts for permanent hearing loss and deafness, mainly caused by damage to the auditory nerve or the tiny hair-like cilia present in your inner ear. It can affect only one or both of the ears. 


As mentioned earlier, it may cause permanent hearing loss. However, if the extent of damage to the auditory nerve is less, rechargeable hearing aids can be used. Moreover, cochlear implants are being considered for practically treating sensorineural hearing loss. Cochlear implants bypass the damaged or injured portion of your auditory system. Even severe cases of SNHL are believed to be treated by this method. 

But there may always be a possibility that this type of hearing loss may not be reversible. 

Conductive Hearing Loss

It is a less common type of hearing loss than sensorineural hearing loss, generally caused by damage or obstruction in the middle or outer ear, making it difficult for the sound waves to reach your inner ear. 

Conductive Hearing Loss can result from wax impaction or traumatic break between the connection of bones of your middle ear. Your auditory nerve or inner ear may remain undamaged. This type of hearing loss may be permanent or temporary, depending upon its cause.

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Generally, the blockage in your ears is removed, such as:

  • Infections. 
  • Ear Wax. 
  • Any foreign particles or microbes. 
  • Abnormal growth of ear parts. 

If the blockage in the ear is due to a bacterial infection, doctors prescribe antibiotics. Some growths can also be removed surgically. 

Some other solutions for the treatment of conductive hearing loss may include:

  • Bone-Conduction hearing loss. 
  • Middle ear implants. 
  • Traditional hearing aids. 

Mixed Hearing Loss

Under some conditions, both sensorineural and conductive hearing losses co-occur, a condition known as Mixed hearing loss. For instance, defects of the inner ear and blockage of the middle ear occur simultaneously. 


To cure mixed hearing loss, doctors may suggest you a suitable treatment. 

Home Remedies to Treat Hearing Loss

Treatments are suitable to get your hearing loss eliminated. However, specific remedies are also proven to be effective and are used by people. 

Before trying remedies, consult your ENT Specialist to avoid any side effects. 

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo Biloba is well used in homeopathy and believed to have surprising effects, therefore considered a natural healer. Advocates using ginkgo Biloba extract believe that it helps to eliminate tinnitus and other hearing defects. 

Ginger Tea

Ginger is rich in antioxidants; therefore, it is very healthy. It supports the natural healing process. It is advised to use ginger tea every day to prevent hearing defects naturally. Try making ginger tea yourself. 

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is seen to have a positive effect on hearing issues. Tea tree oil, along with some other essential oils, seem to be functional overhearing defects.
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But try consulting your healthcare provider first. 


Hearing loss is characterized into three main types and can be potentially reversible if you equip a set of prescriptions. Speaking to your doctor to diagnose and take steps to heal it is essential. An Otolaryngologist is an expert dealing with problems related to your ear, nose, or throat, and hence is an ENT Doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1-Is quitting smoking helping treat hearing loss?

Tobacco smoke contains different chemicals which are not suitable for our ears. Therefore, people with hearing loss problems should avoid smoking. 

2-Can stress trigger hearing loss?

Stress conditions can cause long-term physical changes, sometimes triggering hearing loss and other inner ear disorders. 

3-Which medicines are suitable for treating sudden hearing loss?

Doctors sometimes prescribe steroidal medication because these are proven effective in most cases, depending upon the cause of hearing loss. 

4-How long does it take to reverse hearing loss?

Mild hearing loss is usually treated within 16 to 48 hours. However, in extreme cases, it may take more than two weeks.

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