Different Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits You May be Entitled to in Ashburn

Injuries acquired on the job can be expensive for the sufferer especially if they lead to mounting medical bills and significant lost wages. When an injured worker can claim benefits depending on the nature of the claim and other factors. If an insurance company denied your claim or made an unreasonable offer, get in touch with an experienced workers comp attorney Ashburn to get legal help.  

Benefits for Medical-Only Claims

This type of workers’ comp claim requires an insurance company to be liable for an injured worker’s medical costs including prescriptions, doctor visits and fees, as well as medical equipment, surgeries, and emergency room charges. Compensation for medical-only claims usually starts after the insurance company accepted the claim. 

Typically, an employee in Ashburn who files for a medical-only claim cannot return to work for up to seven days.  They may not get a notice of the acceptance of their claim. Insurance companies will cover their injury-related medical expenses until a doctor determines that the treatment administered is not necessary anymore. The insurance provider can close the claim without doctor discharge if the employee stops getting treatment. If you get a bill regarding a workers’ comp claim, call a lawyer to get qualified assistance.
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Claims for Lost Wages

Workers comp insurance offers injured workers partial lost wages if they have to miss work for more than 7 consecutive days. A doctor should approve the claim. After the claim has been approved, the injured worker may get temporary total disability benefits.
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Temporary Total Disability Benefits 

These benefits will provide an injured worker with a wage loss replacement if they cannot return to work due to a work-related injury. If found eligible, the worker can be eligible to get two-thirds of their wages according to their earnings for the 52 weeks before their injury. 

Benefits for Permanent Disabilities

A permanent disability is when an injured worker gets treatment and their doctor decides there is no way their condition will improve. The treating physician will rate the injury by identifying a percentage of impairment and the worker can get compensation once every month. 

Employees have additional rights to protect their benefits when they suffer from a severe work-related injury. If you were in a workplace accident that caused an injury to you, you can seek compensation that may cover medical expenses and lost wages.
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A reliable workers’ comp attorney can make sure your rights to compensation are respected. 

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