Find Out Where You Shine

It is the rare individual who is superior, or even good, in every subject. If you are, count your blessings. Most of us are a little better in one subject or another. Some of us simply like one subject more than another—and don’t think that doesn’t change your attitude toward it.

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Others are naturally gifted in one area, average in others. For example, skill with numbers and spatial relationships may come easily to you, but you may have absolutely no ear for music or languages.
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Or you may find learning a language to be a piece of cake, but not have the faintest clue why Pythagoras came up with his Theorem—or why you should care.

Some students are good with their hands.
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Others (I’m in this group) may find making the simplest item torturous (and the results laughable). The reasons for such unequal distribution of native-born talents rest somewhere in the area between karma and God, depending on your philosophy.

My advice is to be thankful for whatever native-born talents you possess and use the gift as a double-edged sword. Shift some study time from those tasks easily achieved to those that you find more difficult. The balance you will see in your development will be well worth the effort.

And if you’ve never really thought about the subjects you like and dislike, use the chart at the end of this chapter to identify them. You’ll also be asked to identify those in which you perform well or poorly. (Your report card should confirm those!) Use this list to organize your own schedule to take advantage of your natural talents and give added time to the subject areas that need the most work.

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