Forex market hours South Africa

Forex market hours around the world depend on trading sessions. Forex offers trading sessions for different regions. This mechanism helps keep the Forex market open around the clock. The trading sessions are not exclusive to the traders of that region like the stock exchange. However, people can enter the session that suits their timings. 

Let us break down the Forex market hours in South Africa for our readers. 

Forex market hours South Africa – Overview 

The Forex market in South Africa is open all day long. On weekends, however, the market closes around the globe. Like the stock market, the Forex market in each region operates in the market hours. Forex allows users to cross-trade in all the sessions. This integration of mobile and remote trading makes Forex an attractive option for so many traders. 

Forex market sessions 

The forex trading market has four sessions. These sessions cover all the major time zones and regions. Traders from around the world can enter any session at any time they want. Traders, however, have to consider many other factors as well.
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Each session offers a different trading environment.

Major trading sessions 

The major trading sessions are;

  • North America market
  • Europe market
  • Australia market
  • Asia market

Again, every session is open for every trader. However, the timing of each session is according to the region it is in.
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So, if someone wants to trade Forex, they can do it at any time of the day.
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But if a trader wants to trade in a specific session, they have to adjust their trading hours with the session they are interested in. 

Market hours in South Africa

Even though the market is open all day, traders only trade in some specific hours. In SA, 10:00 to 17:00 (SAST) is the most active market trading time. The European and North American session overlaps perfectly during these hours for South African users. Hence, we notice the highest number of trades in this session. 


There are a lot of benefits to trade in South Africa during the suggested hours.


The liquidity is better at around 15:00 for South African traders. 


The Forex market offers the best volatility rates at 14:00 for South African traders. The US session opens at 14:00, and the European session has gone halfway. 


Major brokers, trading companies, and trade experts are active around this time. The trends are shaping up, and it is great if traders can invest in some stocks on time.

New York Market trading hours

The New York market opens at 14:00 in summers and 15:00 in winters for South Africans. This is good after-office timing for people with regular jobs. The market closes around 23:00 and 0:00, respectively. USD traders prefer the NA session over other trading sessions.

London Market trading hours

London open is the most prevalent market in Europe. In addition, the G10 currency nations also exist in the EU session. More than 40% of Forex trades are done in this session due to those reasons. 


Forex market hours South Africa stay open 24/5. However, experts suggest trading in the 10:00 to 17:00 window. 

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