Geography of Palestine; how it is being reduced to nothing?

The Israel Palestine conflict started as soon as Israel started to colonize Palestine, buying land and settling their people right into the heart of Palestine. At first, it was seen that new settlers will be buying a few patches of land and will be living alongside the Palestinians and that will be about it. But soon it became clear that Israel has some dark and horrifying agenda of wiping the very existence of Palestine and Palestinians and taking over the complete land. The current escalation in the conflict is the very result of this abhorrent act of Israel trying to kill Palestinians over putting out a drama that they are living wrongfully on its land while it is the other way around.

In this latest conflict many Palestinians have been killed that includes children, women, and men as well, how dreadful of Israel that it is not even leaving the kids out of the fight and then it is named War between Israel and Palestine, it is not a war it is pure genocide of the innocent Palestinians who don’t even have anything to defend themselves at the very least.

Geographical status of Palestine

Anyway talking about the Geography of Palestine, it was given the west bank along the Gaza strip by the oppressor Israel so that Palestinians could live there separated from all the madness that Israel puts out. There has been trouble in the past but nothing reached the current volume of hatred and war-like situation which has been escalated viciously from the Israeli side ever before.

Palestine is the area of the eastern Mediterranean region that also comprises modern Israel and Palestinian territories of the Gaza strip which is located along the coast of the Mediterranean sea and the west bank.
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Palestine is also known to have some regions of Jordan but that has changed over the course of time given the current escalation with Israel and the armed Israeli forces continue to knock down Palestinians in absolute wickedness, ridding them of their land and properties.

This region is also known as the Holy Land and it is held sacred by Jews, Christians, and Muslims all over the world. The area has been in an open conflict with Jew settlers and Arab national movements which has led to grave violence and even open warfare in the past.
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Palestinians have been fighting this war for decades with no resources or aid of any kind, all they want is a separate homeland for themselves where they can breathe and live with their own principles and government system far away from the influence of Israel.

The name Palestine denotes a traditional region, it is a region bounded on the east by Jordan River, extending to the edge of the Arabian Desert and the north border is confined by modern Israel and Lebanon.
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But given the current escalation of the conflict Palestinian buildings are severely bombed and reduced to dust, the current geographical status of Palestine is being changed once again all due to the evil views of Israel and its hunger for power.

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