Has Social Media Finally Had Enough of Slim Thick?

Are we finally fed up with the ‘Slim Thick’ trend? The hashtag #slimthic has amassed over 320 million mentions on TikTok, which is more than double the mentions reported last year. So this trend is clearly not going off the social media radar anytime soon. However, does it still refer to an attractive body shape, or is everyone slowly transition to the next trendy thing? As is the norm during summer, social media sites are filled with pictures of filtered bodies proclaiming to be ‘bikini bodies’ or ‘beach ready’. So, is the #slimthicc trend just another fad that puts unnecessary pressure on ordinary women? Or is it a much-needed step towards accepting real body shape?

What is Slim Thick?

The phrase is used to describe a lady with a flat stomach and tight waist, then rounder thighs, bum, and hips. Their bodies are considered physically fit and firm. Due to the focus on fitness, Slim Thick is considered as a more aspirational or achievable body shape.

New Words, Same Body?

The woman’s body shape and figure isn’t new, it’s been with us for ages! So, it may be correct to assume that Slim Thick is just a modern term and not a new body type. The magnificent hourglass body shapes that featured in posters a couple of decades back were actually very similar in shape to what we have today. What’s the difference, you ask? Toning! While previous hourglass figures were all about voluptuous curves, Slim Thick is more toned and muscular.

Figure Fads

As this trend revolves around being fit and toned, it may be viewed as healthier than the retro hourglass figures. But, the fact that Slim Thick is the most recent in a series of body shape trends means that it should be taken with a pinch of salt. From the playboy to the waif, fads in women’s body shapes have been the cause of massive rates of body negativity. A large part of our figure is genetically determined; if you have to be born in the right era for your figure, then you’re definitely one of the lucky ones. If not, it’s definitely better to be healthy and happy than endlessly seeking to attain a figure that may not be naturally suited to you.

Catwalk Cool

There are many similarities between the Slim Thick trend and how high-end fashion is embodied in designer catwalks. Most people wouldn’t wear a full-blown, Met Gala worthy designer dress to dinner at your favorite restaurant. Similarly, the depiction of Slim Thick that we view from popular celebrities like the Kardashians is not really authentic or representative of real life. Furthermore, the social media post that we see have been tweaked and filtered intentionally to go viral. They often look cartoonish, and we must remind ourselves that a realist figure is more desirable and achievable in a day-to-day scenario.

Harness Your Shapewear

So, if you would like to have some Slim Thick features but understand that you don’t have to go overboard with it, you can use your body shaper foundation for short-term results. It’s an excellent way to achieve a more temporary and gentle Slim Thick figure.


The Hollywood celebrities who boast being Slim Thick still clinch their waists. With that said, use a corset, a girdle, or high-waisted control briefs to smooth and refine your waist and hips. Pick the right compression for your body and the occasion. If you plan to stay Slim Thick for extend periods of time, keep the compression light to get a more comfortable experience.

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