Hiring an injury lawyer in Kent? Look for the red flags!

Medical malpractice, auto accidents, premise liability, dog bites, construction accidents, and nursing home abuse – These are some common reasons why you may need an attorney specializing in personal injury law. In Washington, you have three years to file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault side. The statute of limitations, however, doesn’t extend to insurance claims. You need to inform the insurance company (if applicable) within a reasonable time. If you are hiring a Kent injury lawyer for the first time, don’t miss the red flags listed below. 

The lawyer wants to inflate your claim

If an injury lawyer wants to overstate things about your claim, it is evident that they don’t adhere to ethical practices. An experienced lawyer will try to negotiate and get a higher settlement based on what you have endured or suffered. They wouldn’t want to inflate the worth of your claim as the insurance company, or the other side will also investigate the case. There is no way you can hide the truth. 

The lawyer is always busy

As we mentioned, you have limited time to file an injury lawsuit or sue the other party for property damage or the wrongful death of a loved one. You would want the injury lawyer to act immediately and respond to your calls and queries. If the attorney is always busy or doesn’t take your calls, do not hire them. Remember that lawyers often have a tight schedule, and while that’s okay, they should also have a team to work with potential clients. 

The lawyer wants a fee 

Typically, all injury lawyers work on a contingency fee in Kent and the rest of Washington. The lawyer will get a portion of your settlement – a fixed percentage – based on the initial discussions. Also, you shouldn’t pay an attorney to review your case.
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In fact, law firms are usually glad to offer support and help to claimants and would offer a free assessment for your case. If a lawyer wants an immediate, you should not hire them – Period.
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Also, note that injury lawyers often don’t have the same level of experience in handling certain types of claims and cases. For instance, the strategy and work for a nursing home abuse case would be different than a standard auto accident claim.
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Ask the lawyer if they can explain their work profile and experience in detail, and if they are hesitant, look for other options.

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