How John Lasseter Drives Innovation at Skydance Animation

Skydance Animation is one of the newer animation studios, and it’s become a large contender in the animated film space. The studio has been building a name for itself in recent years for its highly creative contribution to animated films and series. The director of the studio, John Lasseter, has been a strong force behind the studio to steer it toward creative projects. He has made it a priority to find the best talent in the industry on board so that the results will be stories that will stick with people.

Originality and Innovation

The studio, headed by John Lasseter, has already come out with several original, heartwarming tales. It has released Blush and Luck, two animated films that were original stories that utilized some of the top names in the business to bring it to life. Both Blush and Luck have been available for streaming on Apple+. Skydance Animation has a deal with the streamer to release its films and its series. As studio director, John Lasseter was a force behind both Blush and Luck, and he continues steering the studio with the creation of the new film Spellbound.

Before joining Skydance Animation, John Lasseter was the chief creative officer for both Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar, and he was largely behind the success at Pixar. He was innovative in those roles, driving animation forward using CGI. The current processes being used come from his pioneering in the field. After Disney and Pixar, John Lasseter joined Skydance Animation to bring all of his expertise and experience to the role as the head of the studio. He knew that each story from the studio should be highly original and not the rehashes being done by other studios. He has been behind the family favorites that have come from the studio and continue to be developed. He is the winner of two Academy Awards for his work.


Skydance Animation continues to push animation and original storytelling forward with the development of the film Spellbound, which will be available on Apple+ in 2024. The story brings some of the biggest stars to voice the magical characters that make up this exciting tale. The film is a musical and will be featured in 3D for extra excitement. While the complete plot is being kept secret until the movie airs, there are aspects of the movie announced by the studio. The story happens in a kingdom full of magic called Lumbria. There, a royal family has a young princess, Ellian. The king and queen get turned into monsters, and it’s up to their daughter to save them and the kingdom. Ellian has to keep all of this a secret and keep things together as she works to undo the spell they’re under. It’s an emotional story with sadness, excitement, and plenty of humor. It’s the kind of film that tugs at the heartstrings and will soon become another family favorite.

The film features the voices of many award-winning actors, including Nicole Kidman, an Academy Award winner, and John Lithgow, Tituss Burgess, Javier Bardem, Nathan Lane, and more. Eight-time Academy Award winner Alan Menken wrote the songs and the score, while Glenn Slater created the lyrics of the fun and catchy songs.

With John Lasseter there to drive the progress of the film and to make sure that great people are behind the film, it’s been a highly anticipated movie. He wants every aspect of the film to be creative and new, and he has succeeded in this goal. The film is made for an audience of all ages.

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