How Much a Laser Welding Machine Costs?

The laser welding machine is a power welding device employed to unite parts of metal or thermoplastics using fiber laser beams. The fiber laser beam delivers a potent heat source employed for butt joint,  narrow welds,  lap edge, lap joint, lap, seam welding,  tee butt, spot welding, deep welds, and bussing welds with high welding speeds.
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The method is often used in high-volume applications employing mechanization, like in the automotive endeavor. It is established on the keyhole or penetration way of welding. Fiber lasers can be used for various applications, including jointly welding tiny pieces, generally used by the medical, electronics, engineering, aerospace, and automotive endeavors.

What is the price of a laser welding machine?
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A fair regulation of thumb is that movable laser welding machine price ranges between $ 7,500 and $32,500, while automatic robotic laser welding machines will cost between $45,000 and $ 55,000. The moderate price of a laser beam welding machine in 2022 is almost $ 12,500 for the typical type and $ 52,500 for the robot type.
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What factors Affecting on the price of laser welding machines?

It is believed that many people are most interested in buying YAG laser welding machines and QCW laser welding machines. This is because the price of a laser welding machine determines the cost performance of the equipment and the cost of the welding workpiece. Here are the following essential factors affecting laser welding machine price.

1. Models

How many will laser welding machines be affected by different factors? The price of different laser welding machines is not the same; the general-purpose laser welding machine is about 100,000 or more, it can be bought directly from the manufacturer, the price is comparative. Reasonable, quality more secure.

2. Configurations

Above all, laser welding machines are high-tech products, and the price must not be below. Many businesses have adopted all sorts of strategies to appreciate their products. How low the price, but they have reduced their quality in terms of configuration. There is a proverb; there is money. If the quality is not good, then there is no gain in price, so we cannot look at the price at the time of purchase.

3. Manufacturers

Laser technology and laser welding machine accessories used by different manufacturers are not the same, so the price of laser welding machines will differ between manufacturers. But the aspect of hardware depends mainly on whether the manufacturer you choose is qualified and has sufficient experience in laser welding machines.

The price of fiber laser welding machines depends on many factors; the above is only part of the factors; we talked about the factors that affect the price of laser welding machines, we can combine to understand. Although the price of laser welding machines is high, we are not in favor of a kind of “consumer” concept to improve the brand of the product. Buy, buy a good, and choose sure big brand manufacturers.


Above is a brief introduction of laser welding machine price and its effect on price? More expensive vendors and factories choose handheld laser welding machines based on handheld, better flexibility, fiber laser welding, and higher performance.

Another welding can reduce labor costs; therefore, the initial investment in purchasing a handheld laser welding machine is relatively significant, but it can still provide production costs in the long run. You can choose the appropriate handheld laser welding equipment according to your conditions.

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