How Much Will You Earn As A Handyman?

A handyman has a comprehensive skill set and can perform various jobs around residential as well as commercial complexes. Handymen typically charge less than licensed professionals, making them preferred by many people. Handymen can often find consistent work, and being a handyman can be highly lucrative.

How much you earn as a handyman will depend on your skills and the jobs you can do. It’s possible for a handyman to gain as low as $20,000 per year. But it can also be possible for you to earn as much as, if not more than $50,000 a year.

The average salary of a handyman

As a pro handyman in the US, you can earn anywhere between $19,000 to $57,000, on average. The national average income for a handyman is around $38,182. Whether you’re just starting as a handyman or whether you’ve been one for a long time can also affect how much you earn.

Earlier on, you’ll be earning less. But as you keep working and develop referrals from your client, you will be able to make more as a handyman. Nearly 67% of handymen earn between $26,000 and $44,000 a year. That is comparable to how many painters, construction workers, and many other tradesmen make.

There is no entry barrier if you want to become a handyman. All you need is the ability to deal with various minor repairs and maintenance. You will need to have a broad skill set, but a lot of what you do will be simple to pick up. You can be asked to paint a fence or repair a broken fence. You can be called about a clogged drainpipe or a leaky faucet.

You can also be called to do minor painting work around the home. If you offer specialized skills, such as carpentry or other trades, you can charge for those. In most states in the US, you don’t need a license to work as a handyman. This means that you don’t have to attend a technical school or complete an apprenticeship.

Despite such a low barrier for entry, handymen can earn enough to lead a financially stable life.

How much can you make for different skills?

There are various careers you can enter as a handyman. You can be a plumber at the same time as a painter, and a carpenter, at the same time as a construction worker. Depending on the skills you offer, you may need a license. In many states in the US, you need a license to work as an electrician.

However, as a handyman with an electrician’s license, you’ll be making more money on average. Electricians can charge up to $27.36 per year. This means that you could be driving around $56,900 annually. Many handymen also choose to work as construction workers.
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This occupation can pay you an average of $17.83 every hour. This means that you can make, on average, $37,080 every year.

Handymen are usually called for performing repair work, as well as general maintenance work. If you offer repair work, then you can find yourself charging clients around $19.64 per hour on average. Yearly, you’ll be making around $$40,850.

Offering carpentry work can also enable you to charge well as a handyman. You’ll be able to charge roughly $23.81 every hour. This means that every year, you’ll be making around ,300 on average.
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Handymen can also find themselves often working as a plumber. If you offer plumbing services, then you’ll be able to charge up to $27.08 every hour. Yearly, you’ll be making an average salary of $56,330. Experienced handymen who have established themselves can also find themselves working as construction managers.

As a construction manager, you can expect to charge around $27.36 every hour. Yearly, you can earn about $97,180. To be a construction manager, you will need additional management certifications. Typically, handymen only offer minor work related to these areas. But you can also work towards gaining additional licenses and certifications to offer more specialized skills as well.

Highest paying cities for a handyman

Which city you work in can also have a role to play in how much you earn. Handymen earn more in certain cities, on average, than many others. Different states also have different rates when it comes to how much a handyman earns.

If you work out of the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, then you’ll be able to charge the highest hourly rate in the country. You’ll be charging around $26.69 hourly. Every year, you can expect to earn an average salary of $55,251. If you’re a handyman working out of Seattle, then you’ll be charging higher rates as well. You’ll be charging around $24.15 per hour, and you’ll be earning an average annual salary of $50,228.

The city of New York also pays handymen well. As a handyman working in New York City, you can expect to charge around $22.98 hourly. Yearly, you’ll be making approximately $47,796. Baltimore is another city where handymen earn well, compared to most cities in the United States. Working out of Baltimore, MD, you can charge an average hourly rate of around $22.98. Annually, you’ll be making around $42,948.

Handymen can also charge high rates in Ashburn, VA. Here, handymen can charge an hourly rate of $20.30. Annually, you’ll be making an average salary of $42,218. Palo Alto is another city in the US where handymen can earn well. If you work out of Palo Alto, then you can expect to charge an average hourly rate of $20.20. Annually, you’ll be earning an average salary of $42,020.

Remember that in places where handymen earn more, the cost of living is also higher. Similarly, the cost of living tends to be lower in the states where handymen earn lower, on average.


It’s easier to work as a handyman, as there is a low barrier for entry into this career. In many states, you don’t need to have a degree, or even a license to work as a handyman. However, it would be best if you still considered checking to ensure that you can legally offer your services in the state.

Handymen, earn on average, around $50,000 once they are established and have regular clients. Earlier, you’ll be charging lower rates. But as you gain more experience, and provided you offer specialized skills, you can expect to earn more as a handyman.

If you’re working as a handyman, then you should also consider insurance for handyman. This is as, through your career, you’re exposed to certain career risks. You could be sued by an unsatisfied client, which could lead to you incurring large legal expenses. With the help of handyman liability insurance, however, such as general liability insurance for handyman, you can protect your finances. Insurance for handyman generally covers all the major career risks you can encounter, from disgruntled clients to business interruptions. Consider insurance for handyman, so you can focus on growing your career without worrying about career risks. If you would like to learn more about insurance for handyman, such as handyman general liability insurance, then click here.

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