How the online fortune telling service works

Cartomancy is the art of discovering future events by consulting the Tarot, the Sibyls or other revealing cards. As part of psychic reading, online fortune-telling is the telephone or internet request service of a divination through the fortune-teller.

The fortune teller, to the question posed online by the consultant, arranges the cards in a certain order on the table, leaving them to suggest what the other person is impatient to know. Of course, whoever offers the online fortune-telling service must be both spiritually and technically prepared (even if the technique is of less importance). To offer a divination as truthful as possible, not only must know the meaning of every single card that makes up the Sibyls or Tarot deck. You also need to know what different meaning each card has depending on how it is placed next to the others and in relation to the question posed. But the most important thing for a truly effective online fortune telling service is the fortune teller’s ability to follow her unconscious and grasp its messages through intuition.

No less important is the level of affinity you are able to develop with the querent. Fortunately, there are low cost services able to satisfy even the most demanding consultant in this respect, as long as you keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of low cost cartomancy.

Cartomancy of the Sibyls

The Sibyls are called “the gossips cards”, because they were used since the nineteenth century by French ladies in the daily gatherings for the responses of love. The Sibille deck is made up of 52 cards still widely used today to obtain responses on the affective problems of couples and love.
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Each of the Sibyls cards is characterized by a particular representation with its own meaning.
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Tarot fortune telling

The medieval Tarots usually used in online telephone cartomancy are the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. Each of these has its own representation and its own meaning. The drawings on the cards are very interesting because they are rich in details, never banal and never inserted at random: they follow a precise logic that can always be traced back to the human being in relation to the forces of the Universe. The Tarot cards are numbered from 1 to 21; the only card without a number is that of the Fool.

Curiosities about the Fool’s card

As already said, the Fool has no number, but is still considered with the symbolic number of zero. It depicts a bizarre man walking around with his bundle full of useless things, without a precise direction. He does not know where to go due to his total unconsciousness, but something pushes him to hurry up: it is a lynx that biting his calf pushes him in the direction of a crocodile towards a fatal end. Like all cartomancy cards, despite appearances it also has a positive meaning: next to the feet of that senseless man you can see a tulip that represents the hope of the human being to cling to a reality with infinite possibilities that can drive in the right direction before it’s too late. By stubbornly acting with his own limited reason that does not grasp the full sense of reality, he would certainly face an adverse and hopeless fate.

How many and what questions can you ask the fortune teller?

There is no limit to the number of questions to ask the fortune teller during an online tarot reading. However, they can only be done one after the other, never all together. The more precise the request, the better it is in order to know in advance the developments of the events in detail. Aspects of life such as love, work, money and luck can only be clarified through a clear and not vague question: in this way whoever offers the cartomancy service will be able to obtain the best response from the cards and communicate the outcome to the consultant. Of course this is an interpretation that should not be taken literally, but which can provide important food for thought to make things go right.

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