How to become a Walmart Affiliate?

Walmart Affiliate program is a selling platform, which operates in the US. It invites bloggers, website owners, and social media influencers to promote its products and earn commission on referring customers on Walmart’s Official website.

It is a chain of departmental selling stores that offers everything you need, from grocery items to lifestyle stuff. Its main products categories include baby products, beauty, electronics, books, clothing, accessories, jewelry, music, movies, business & personal checks, sport & outdoors, toys, and many others.

Almost at all categories, 1% to 4% commission rate is available, while the highest referral fee is offered only at the business & personal checks category, 18%.

It’s very easy to make money by using this e-commerce platform. But how can you make a Walmart affiliate? This question makes a lot of people confused, and they switch to other money-making ways. I am here to help you to learn easy steps to becoming a Walmart affiliate.

· Need a platform to promote Walmart products:

When a brand or company sponsors a small business, they require a platform to promote the products. Similarly, being an affiliate, you will need a website/blog, social media platform, or to create email marketing campaigns to interact with the target audience and start promotion.

So you can start this job from social media only if you have a huge fan following. Moreover, you can build your website, which will also be beneficial in the future. Website or blog creation is possible by using WordPress. So buy a domain and hosting. Install the WordPress from Cpanel provided by the hosting company. Install the appropriate theme and start publishing your content.

In case you already have a website, you can directly start a promotion from your site.

· Register your account:

Your platform for catching customers is ready. Now register your account on

  • Visit the homepage, click on become a member button. It will direct to an application form page.
  • Enter the valid information in all fields like your name, country, business types, email address, social security number, and provide your website information with the number of traffic you will generate per month.
  • After entering all the compulsory information, click on the submit application
  • Walmart team will review your form and approve it within 24 hours.visit here to know more information : Pii-email

· Choose Tool and Products:

The next step is choosing the tools and products, select the tools like the wordpress plugin or chrome plugin. Both will help you choose Walmart’s products and automatically insert the affiliate links in the specific keyword you choose.

You can choose the products manually by using what Malwart Calls Linkshare. Here you will also see your net sales, commissions, and the products available for affiliate marketing.

· Promote products by creating affiliate links:

The last step is to promote the products. As I mentioned above, promotion can be done in various ways; you need to put the links there. Such as:

  • Publish the content on your website about products and insert links.
  • Use social media platforms to create comments and refer target customers to
  • Create email marketing campaigns, embed the product link with its necessary information, and directly communicate with your potential customers. It will drive customers to the official Walmart website.Read more about f95zone

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