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How to Care for Custom Photo Prints – 7 Pro Tips

With the advancement of digital technology, you can create canvas prints of your photo collection.
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However, while going through the printing process, it is essential to take proper care of these materials to access them in the future.

Handmade works or digital prints are pretty fragile, but you can protect them effectively from damage by making little effort. With proper care, you can lead your art pieces to last for centuries.

In this way, you can enjoy art pieces for the coming years and protect the investment. The following are simple care tips to keep your art pieces safe and in good condition:


The environment where you keep your prints plays a vital role in protecting artworks. You have to look out the following environmental factors:

  • Light: Keep your custom prints of photos away from direct sunlight or high-intensity man-made lights. If you want to frame the photo prints, use plexiglass or UV protection glass.

If you do not expose artworks to harsh lights, they will not fade excessively or yellow.

  • Temperature: Try to keep custom photo prints in a cool environment ranging from 60°to 72° F. Do not display artworks near hot or cold areas such as radiators, fireplaces, or air-conditioners. Warm and moist temperatures accelerate deterioration.

They encourage insect activity and mold growth.

  • Humidity: Try to maintain humidity between 35% to 55%. If you hang your custom prints in the high humidity, insects or mold will damage them. However, if you display them in low moisture, the paper will become brittle.

So, avoid hanging custom photo prints in a very humid place such as steamy bathrooms or a kitchen.

  • Pollution: Try to hang custom photo prints away from dirt, dust, or other pollutants to keep them protected. Brush off the little dirt from the surface gently with a dry cloth.
  • Pests: They are inclined to live in humid environments with custom photo prints. You can avoid problems by proper checking of temperature.

Handle Photographs or Negatives Properly


While handling custom photo prints, make sure you have dry, clean, and non-lotioned hands. Even with all these precautions, always hold the photo prints or negatives from the edges. Moreover, try not to put fingers directly on them.

Your fingers may contain oil or other chemicals. So, try touching prints directly; otherwise, it will leave a permanent mark on the photos.
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If possible, wear gloves while handling them.

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Proper Storage

  • Store custom photo prints away anything pressing against a picture surface. Sometimes, you feel some objects are not sharp enough that they can cause any damage. But they surprisingly scratch, rip or tear the art pieces.
  • Try not to stack photo prints on each other. Instead, keep them separately with acid-free sheets to prevent them from any kind of damage.
  • If you want to transport the custom photo prints, wrap them well. Make sure to place acid-free sheets in front of your artwork to protect it. Securely pack it; otherwise, rough handling will damage the photo prints.
  • Do not keep custom photo prints in plastic bags for a long time period.
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    Mold may grow if there is any chance of humidity there. Instead, keep them in cotton or acid-free paper bags to prevent them from dust or dirt.

Transporting of Custom Photo Prints

While transporting, you can roll or keep the artworks flat depending on the size and material. But make sure the print package you store while transporting is stiff. Also, keep the prints separate and prevent them from sliding.

If you are transporting larger prints, you have to roll them. So, use a tube of wide diameter to prevent them from getting rolled tightly. Moreover, use non-abrasive tissue to roll photo prints and protect their surface.

On the other side, transport smaller custom photo prints in the rigid folder or light-weight box. Once prints arrived the



Use high-quality glass while framing to protect your custom prints or art pieces. It would be great to use the acid-free mat to prevent the image from touching a glass.

Always remember to avoid wooden frames made of varnishes and glues. As they generally break down with time and damage the prints with gases and broken glass pieces. Try to expose the photo prints to direct sunlight.

It would be beneficial to use UV light filter glazing with frames. Colored prints are vulnerable to intense light exposure. So, avoid hanging these art pieces near cooling or heating sources such as radiators, refrigerators, etc.

The adverse moisture and temperature conditions will affect the custom photos.


  • Clean the photo prints with a soft rag to prevent them from catching dust. Never use water or any cleaning products to avoid an image from permanent damage.
  • Avoid blowing on custom photo prints to prevent water droplets from depositing on the custom photo prints.

Final Words

If you handle and care for your photo prints properly, they may last for a long time. Hopefully, the above-mentioned points have given you some actionable steps to take to keep photo prints secure and look great. 

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