How to Find The Best Jean Type For Your Body

Men and women alike had always loved jeans since 1873, when it was first patented. Blue jeans have since become an iconic piece of clothing beloved by many.
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You probably have a favourite pair, the one that hides your flaw and accentuates the right curves. Finding the fitting jeans for your body type is challenging but is achievable if you understand your body type and match the styles available to your physique.

Thankfully, Women’s Jeans are versatile and can be worn in various ways, but before considering your body type, before buying your next pair.

Your Body Type


The pear-shaped body type is characterised by large hips, broad thighs, and a total bottom. The top of a pear-shaped person’s body is smaller, with a smaller waist and wider hips and thighs—a woman who wears a size six on top but a ten or even twelve on the bottom.

Best Jeans: Skinny, Flare, and Boot cut

Boot cut is related to the flare and works well with a boot heel height ranging from 1.5-3 inches. Compared to its 1960s wild-child relative, this is a more subdued wide-leg style, flattering to women with long legs.

Contrary to the name, skinny jeans do not have anything to do with your body shape—it just shows that these jeans are slimmest at your ankle compared to other forms. Stretch denim has made it such that everyone should own at least one pair.

Usually, dark-wash skinny jeans are great for pear and hourglass-shaped women, while lighter washes work well for apple and athletic-shaped women.

Rectangular or athletic shape

With the athletic build, a person’s waist with a rectangular body shape is often smaller by approximately nine inches than the hips or the bust. As a result, hips and thighs are not as well-defined as they would be on someone with an hourglass figure. However, the body weight is still uniformly distributed.

Best Jeans: Boyfriend jeans and straight leg jeans

As a fashion staple in most women’s denim collections, “boyfriend” jeans—a jean shape with a more roomy, relaxed cut down the legs—are becoming increasingly popular. But, as the name suggests, it is supposed to look like borrowed pants, so the fit is not shapely but looser.

There are varying degrees of this fit, much like flares. Dress it up with a blazer and heels, and go for a slimmer cut overall for a more formal appearance.

Compared to tight-fitting jeans, straight-leg jeans are more laid-back and less body-conscious.
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Try straight jeans instead of skin-tight jeans if you aren’t entirely comfortable with them.

For an Audrey Hepburn-inspired style from the ’50s, try a pair of classic straight denim with a basic ballet flat, a fitted striped shirt, and a blazer. T-shirts and jeans are a wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down.

The Hour Glass Shape

The hourglass shape is a frequent female representation. Hip and breast dimensions are identical in size; however, the waist measurement is more petite. Your upper body is proportionate to your legs, which have a somewhat rounded appearance. Having a tiny waist is ideal for showing off your best features.

Of course, choosing these types of jeans for your body type does not mean you would no longer be making any stylistic missteps. For example, large breasts are often paired with rounded hips and thighs in this body type. The most important thing here is to select a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly in all of the above categories.Begin looking at the Women’s Jeans section determines what looks compliment your physique, taste, and lifestyle.

Wearing baggy clothes will make you look overweight, while too-tight clothes emphasise trouble areas. Instead of fitting like a glove, look for a pair of jeans that skim the body. Whatever body type you have, there is a jean style that is right for you.

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