How to Optimize Your Amazon Listing to Rank Above Your Competitors

2020 was a tough time for most industries, but one that saw amazing growth during this time was the eCommerce sector. Amazon, in particular, boasted 125.56 billion US dollars in revenue during Q4 of 2020, greatly surpassing their 87.44 billion US dollar revenue from the Q4 of the previous year. Amazon also boasts an average of 2.55 billion monthly visits between September 2019 to September 2020. This just goes to show that, for people who want to get into eCommerce, Amazon is one of the best sites you can sell your products.

However, success on Amazon isn’t just about posting your products and waiting for the buyers to come to you. You also need to work hard to ensure you’re ranking above your competitors. Many Amazon marketing services experts claim that the higher your listing is on the Amazon search results, the more sales you’ll get.

But how does one improve their product’s ranking on search results?

Optimizing your Amazon product listings

One of the major ways you can rank above your competitors on Amazon is by optimizing your Amazon listings. We’ve asked several Amazon marketing services for their top tips. Read on to find out more.

  • Product title

Amazon allows you 250 characters in the product title, but you don’t have to use all those characters. When deciding on a title for your listing, give only what’s necessary. For some products, brand, product name, and color should be sufficient (i.e. Women’s Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Black and Grey) but for others, like electronics, you may want to include compatibility with specific devices and some special features that people are likely to be on the lookout for (i.e. Waterproof JBL Wireless Bluetooth Earphones for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and More).

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  • Product images and videos

The trouble with online shopping is that a user’s idea of a product is limited to the photos the seller provides. If you don’t have enough clear and attractive product photos, it’s unlikely that users will buy from you. Include high-resolution and professionally taken photographs in your product listings to make them more attractive. Amazon also lets you post product videos in the reel, so you can use it to demonstrate how the product is used.

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  • Key product highlights

When you click on an Amazon product listing, the first things you see are the product images, title, rating, and a few short paragraphs or bullet points describing the item. This is known as the product highlights.

Amazon allows you 1,000 characters to briefly describe your product to potential customers. This is your chance to reel them in so they will be convinced to look further down your listing. The secret to a good product highlight is to tell consumers how they can benefit from owning the product. What value does it offer them? How does it differ from your competitors’ products? What questions might they have about the product? By answering all these questions, you can intrigue users enough to proceed.

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  • Product description

While the product highlights’ job is to catch the users’ attention, a product description should seek to inform and facilitate their decision-making process. You have 2000 characters to seal the deal with a customer, so make them count. When writing a product description, consider the following:

Provide all the necessary details: Customers require specific information about certain products before they buy them. For example, someone interested in buying a laptop will need to know the specs like the OS, CPU, screen size, memory size, battery life, dimensions, inclusions, etc.

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Use bullets, headers, tables, and other formats: There’s nothing that users hate more than being confronted with a single block of text. Present your information in a way that’s easy to digest. Split up paragraphs and use bold, underline, or italics to emphasize certain aspects of the text.

Set realistic expectations: Don’t embellish your product’s capabilities in an attempt to get people to buy it. This is akin to false advertising and won’t end well for you when misled buyers flood your product reviews with negative feedback. Be as truthful and clear as possible when describing your product.

Use the right keywords: The way people find products on Amazon is by typing into the search bar, and if your product description or title contains words that match with a user’s search, you’ll show up on their search results. Identify that keywords people are using to search for your products and use these keywords in your description. Try to use variations of a keyword so you can target multiple search terms with one listing (i.e.. earphones: earbuds, headset, headphones).

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  • Product reviews and ratings

Reviews are one of the biggest factors that decide whether a consumer will purchase your product. Consumers trust the word of other consumers over the brand, so if your product doesn’t have enough reviews, customers will likely find that as suspicious. Encourage customers to leave a review and rate your product when they complete their purchase. Don’t delete negative reviews. Instead, respond to them and offer the customer a refund or a replacement. By demonstrating good customer service, users will respond better to your business. 

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  • Product price

One of the allures of online shopping to consumers is how easily they can compare prices and get the best deals. Amazon makes this easy with sorting options that allow users to rank the products from lowest to highest price. If you’re selling a product that many other merchants have available, you may want to research the market and see if you can afford to offer the lowest price.

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This only applies if you’re all selling the same product. If you offer variants or additional features, people may be willing to pay a premium for said features.  The balloonsfast is the most popular to the millions of people. 

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Many businesses have experienced massive success through Amazon, and with the right research and marketing strategy, you can too. If you’re still struggling to get your product listings to rank higher on the search results, you can consult with Amazon marketing services experts to help you come up with better product listings.

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