Injured At Someone Else’s Property? Here Are Important Steps to Take 

Every property owner’s responsibility is to ensure that their property is safe for visitors and tenants. The owner needs to ensure that they maintain a safe environment, keep hazardous items away, and other precautionary measures. These are equally crucial for store owners, landlords, or any business owners. 

However, many owners fail to provide a safe environment, resulting in injuries to the visitors. Premise liability cases occur due to various reasons such as lack of maintenance, negligent security, and more. If you were injured at someone else’s property and believe that it happened due to the carelessness of the owner of anyone else, you are entitled to get compensation through a premise liability claim. 

For a successful claim, contact Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys and let them guide you on the grounds to file a premise liability case. Furthermore, the attorney will help in proving that the owner failed to fulfill their duty of care. 

What if you were injured at someone else’s property?

The steps you take after incurring injury at someone else’s property can either make your claim stronger or harm your claim. Therefore, here are a few essential steps to take after getting injured. 

  • File a police report. 

As soon as you get injured, contact the police and file a report. The police officer will document the incident and create a report. Ensure that you take a copy of the police report for yourself and the property owner. These reports will come in handy when filing a premise liability claim. 

  • Take pictures if possible. 

Take pictures of everything possible such as the place where the accident occurred, injuries you sustained, and more. Digital photos will serve as strong evidence to support your claim. 

  • Take information from the owner and witness. 

Get the contact details of the property owner. Additionally, if there were witnesses during the incident, take contact information from them as well.
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This information is highly crucial for your case and getting fair compensation.
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  • Consult a doctor.

Consult a doctor right away after sustaining the injury. Even if you feel fine, you must let a medical professional diagnose you. This will help diagnose any internal injuries and get effective treatment before it gets worse.
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Moreover, the doctor’s report will also support your claim and help in getting compensation for your medical bills. 

  • Speak to a lawyer. 

You may feel like you have all the evidence ready and you can handle the case yourself. However, premise liability cases can be complex sometimes. You must speak to a lawyer since they are aware of all the legal procedures and help in getting fair compensation that covers all your damages. 

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