Remember that living together is different from staying in a distance relationship. This is one of the most critical milestones of any relationship which can be called a true test of commitment. You might be very excited for the day, but at the same time, you should look practical about the decision before you start getting the best moving quotes from different movers to embark on your relocation mission. You should be ready for some sacrifices like a little bit of your freedom and many others. A lot of things should be discussed and work out before. Check out this guide:

  • Communicate your fears: Many people feel uncomfortable about this idea. It’s not that they don’t love their partner. It’s just that they have some fears about it. They are afraid that their freedom will be compromised, they won’t be able to live on their terms, that their relationship will lose its spark over time, and will end up being apart. One of the best ways to get over these fears is to communicate the same to your partner so that there are no such issues in the future.
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    You both should be ready for the new start of your lives because forcing one could be harmful for your relation.
  • Go through your belongings: Before you plan to move in together, it’s crucial to take a look at all your stuff. There might be some items that are possessed by both you and your partner. Figure out what you both have, what items you both are going to keep, and which ones are not required. Just get rid of the non-essential items, you can either sell them or donate them whichever option is feasible for you. It is always better to reduce the number and weight of the belongings to minimize the moving cost.
  • Search for the accommodation option: In case you both are planning to move into either’s home then there is no need for searching the rental option. But if you want to have a new home then you need to start looking for different rental options. After shortlisting a few apartments, you both should consider exploring them in person. See if the location is convenient and there are no signs of water damage or loose doors. Also, the potential property must be equipped with the required utilities and safety features.
  • Determine the right time: Yes, you might find out a lot of advice regarding the ideal move-in timelines but ultimately this is different for every couple depending on their needs and requirements of them. Some might just want to start over their life together just after a few months while some want the time of at least one year to date each other. It just completely depends on how you both feel for each other or whether you are mentally in the position to stay together or require some additional time.
  • Consider opting for a trial living: You might feel like you are wasting your money by paying for one month’s rent just to figure out how it feels to live together with your partner but in the end, it will be worth it. In this one month, you can know about each other daily routines and habits. See what it feels like when waking up next to your partner.
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    And how do you both handle your disagreements? After spending one month in a rented apartment, if you both think that you want to live together forever then you can take the next step, i.e. signing for the long-term lease.
  • Make the place feel like home: No matter, if you are deciding to move into your partner’s home or your partner, is moving into yours or you both are planning to move in a new home, always try to figure out the ways to make the space feel like a “together” home. In case your partner works from home then you can consider renovating your spare room into an office space to make your partner feel comfortable. Or you can add special touches considering the choices and preferences of you both.
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    Maybe you both can decide to renovate the home by repainting or redecorating the interiors.
  • Discuss legal matters: If you are not married and are not planning to get married then having a cohabitation agreement is an ideal choice for you so that you can get financial security. Also this helps you to divide your assets later in case if any misfortune happens and you both want to get separated.

Wrapping it all up!!!

If you are trying to start your life together then congratulations and best of luck for the same. The above guide and tips will help you a lot so you don’t have to regret you’re your decision later and can embark on your journey successfully without any problems.

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