Lab Grown Diamonds – Ethically Sourced Alternatives to Mined Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds UK are quickly becoming a popular alternative to mined diamonds. Their high-quality, environmentally-friendly alternatives are increasingly attracting younger buyers and jewellery retailers alike.

These ethically-sourced gems are physically, chemically and optically the same as mined diamonds, but without the hefty price tag. They’re also a more sustainable choice due to the lower carbon footprint they emit, compared to mined diamonds.

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is a company that prides itself on ethically sourced diamonds. It goes above and beyond conflict-free certification, assuring its mined suppliers protect against human rights abuses, uphold responsible labor practices and safety, support community development and minimize environmental impacts.

Brilliant earth offers a range of mined and lab-grown diamonds across a full range of jewelry designs. It also tries to use recycled precious metals as much as possible.

It’s a great choice for socially conscious buyers. It’s been around since 2005 and has thousands of satisfied customers.

The website is easy to navigate and offers a nice selection of diamonds. It also has a comparison feature that allows you to compare diamonds side-by-side.

Clean Origin

Clean Origin was founded in 2017 by a group of jewelry industry veterans with a mission to offer ethical and environmentally friendly diamonds. Their mission statement says, “Diamonds without compromise.”

They sell GIA and IGI-certified lab-grown diamonds in a range of sizes and shapes and have an impressive selection of engagement rings and other beautiful jewelry pieces. Their price point is also competitive, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious shoppers.

Another reason to shop at Clean Origin is their trade-in policy. This allows customers to exchange their existing ring for a new one worth at least twice its value.

They also offer independently graded diamonds from trusted laboratories like GIA and IGI, a large selection of loose lab-grown diamonds, free resizing, a 100-day return policy, and free expedited and insured shipping. Their prices are also transparent and easy to compare.

Novita Diamonds

Mens Wedding Bands Australia are a leading lab grown diamond retailer in the UK. Their bespoke engagement rings are made using lab created diamonds.

They also sell a wide range of jewellery with the gems. Their website offers a comprehensive gallery of loose lab created diamonds that you can view and choose from to create your dream ring.

Unlike natural diamonds, they don’t have to travel to the earth to be mined or sourced, which is good news for the environment. It also cuts down on the supply chain – meaning they’re often more affordable.

Despite their artificial origins, they still have the same chemical composition, physical structure, and hardness as naturally-mined diamonds. They also come in the same range of quality characteristics such as clarity, color, and carat.


Lab-grown diamonds are chemically and physically identical to mined ones, and are becoming increasingly popular in the luxury market as a result. They offer consumers a transparent alternative to mined diamonds, which have notoriously opaque supply chains and are linked to complex social and environmental issues.

Kimai is a brand founded by Sidney Neuhaus and Jessica Warch, both from diamond-trading families from Antwerp. They set out to create a jewellery line of their own, with the aim of offering more ethical options for younger shoppers.

They have partnered with designer Alex Eagle on a seven-piece collection, which features chunky silhouettes set with lab-grown diamonds in 18ct gold. The resulting pieces are playful and edgy.

In conclusion

The collection aims to give a cool edge to traditional fine jewellery, while also subverting the conventions of the design process. They also take a conscious approach to sustainability, with every item traceable from start to finish.

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