Looking for a Gig Harbor Family Law Attorney: Don’t Make These Mistakes!

If you are going through a family law case like a divorce, you can easily make mistakes that could drastically affect your future. Rather than reacting impulsively, you should take your time when making significant decisions like picking a gig harbor family law attorney. To find the right attorney, you should be aware of the common mistakes other people make. These include the following:

Picking a Friend to Handle Your Divorce

While going through a divorce is personal, it is not easy to tell your life story to a stranger. As a result, you may choose to hire an attorney who has been your friend for years. Although it’s not prohibited, it usually puts both of you in a tough position. A lot of details must be disclosed to your lawyer including sensitive issues like money and sex. A lawyer must learn about these parts of your life to effectively represent you. Also, if your friend is also your spouse’s friend, this can complicate your case even more. To avoid these conflicts, it is better to hire an experienced attorney who has no personal connection with you. 

Hiring Your Neighbor’s Lawyer

Testimonials from a lawyer’s happy clients can be the best source of referrals for them. Thus, you should listen when somebody you trust recommends a lawyer. But every divorce is different. Just because your neighbor ended up getting a huge financial settlement using an attorney does not mean you can expect such results in your case. Certain situations require a specific focus. Take things such as the existence of a prenuptial agreement, children, and hidden assets. You may need a lawyer, particularly skilled in disputing or upholding contracts. 

Choosing a Lawyer You are Not Comfortable With

Lawyers are trained to persuade. Thus, you should expect them to make strong arguments for you, just so you will hire them. If you feel that you cannot trust a lawyer, you should not hire them. Keep in mind that you will work closely with them for a certain period. You must pick somebody you trust and feel comfortable with. 

Divorce is a critical time in your life, so you must look for a lawyer to help you navigate all the legal challenges you might encounter. Every mistake can be costly emotionally and financially. So, you should do your homework first before you make a choice, so you can avoid mistakes that could have been prevented from the get-go. 

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