Love spells

It’s been proven that love spells were created long before spells for hunting or farming purposes, and multiple occult objects found by archaeologists in different parts of the world serve as evidence for it. Ancient rituals were very simple, but nothing is still and magic has been and continues developing too. As a result, today people have access to the most effective magic love spells which can create love worthy of writing a novel about it.

How do love spells work? In this article we want to tell you about modern magic spells for love and what preparations to make if you want to cast them by yourself. To learn more about them and share this information with you, we visited one of the best occult platforms today. It’s a website founded by spellcaster Maxim who comes from a cohort of ritual practitioners casting the most complex spells.

Do love spells work?

Many people consider magic to be something mysterious and unidentified, so you can often hear them ask, “Do love spells really work?” Even though we see thousands of successful love spells every day (we’re sure some of the people you know are together thanks to love magic too), we can’t say all love spells are equally good. Love spells do work when cast by professional and skilled magic practitioners with many years of experience.​

Do love spells work when cast by regular people? They do and today we’ll teach you how to cast extremely powerful love spells at home. So read this article till the end to find out some of the recipes used by professional spellcasters. However, let’s start with a general description of real love spells for you to have a clear understanding of how and why they work, who they can and can’t influence, and who can use them without having to worry about the consequences.

Let us deliver the bad news first. A love magic spell can cause a variety of problems. People are made of energies which have different densities and frequencies. Every person is unique because human energies can be strong or weak, pure or stained with negativity, generated by positive feelings or anger, jealousy and greed. If all our chakras worked in the same way, all people would be more or less the same, for example, kind, noble, with good health and some psychic abilities. People would fall in love with one another basically at first sight.

People are attracted not to just good looks, pleasant voice or good temper. In fact, people are attracted to high quality energies. The better and purer they are, the more we like the person. The more willing you are to share your high quality energy with your partner, the more your partner likes you and the more time he or she wants to spend with you.  Love spells that really work influence human energies, transforming stylishster and making them stronger and more beautiful. Without understanding these fundamental truths, it’s impossible to understand the essence of love spells.

There are three main types of relationships and consequently three types of love spells:

  • The first one: love spells cast by someone who loves the target who doesn’t love the spell caster;
  • The second one: love spells cast on two people who don’t love each other;
  • The third one: you’re loved but you don’t love and you still want to use a love spell because you believe your partner is perfect for you and don’t want to lose his person.

It’s important to understand which type you are to choose the right ritual to perform. If you cast type 1 love spell, the spell mostly influences the target, the person who doesn’t love you. If you cast type 2 love spell, the power is equally distributed between the two partners. If you cast type 3 love spell, it impacts mostly you, the person who doesn’t have feelings for the other for some reason.

Love is critical for successful magic spells that really work. The more love you have, the higher your chances of casting the spell successfully and the longer, stronger and happier your relationship is. Besides, love is what enables you to use white magic and avoid black one which, as you know from our previous articles, can be very dangerous.

Another great advantage of white magic is that it makes you and the target better. Like prayers which become powerful only after you ask for health and wealth for other people, white magic not only gives you the love of the other person. A properly cast magic love spell makes your love purer and stronger transforming it into a source of inspiration, joy, happiness, youth, and health.

Higher Powers support white magic spellcasters and witches for such unexpected but highly valuable gifts. This is why they always help white magic practitioners cast their spells. Naturally, they’ll help you too if you try to make a love spell or magic spells for love which are white magic. If you choose to cast black magic love spells, Higher Powers may interfere to keep you from completing your ritual.

How do love spells work?

How do love spells work? It’s easy as long as you know what chakras are and what effects, positive or negative, they may have on people based on their general condition. Our energy bodies feed off seven chakras which go from the tailbone to the head in a straight line. Three lower chakras generate rough energy which is essential for survival. This energy is needed to stay alive and, for example, eat on time, look for new safer places to live or spend the night in, make tough choices if it’s a matter of one’s survival, reproduce, etc.

When love spells are impacting one of these three chakras, the spell caster, professional or beginning, builds low level relationships. In such relationships the partners value the most basic things, such as food, sex, not having to look for a new partner. They value their home, furniture, cars, and love watching TV in the evening. Do love spells work for them? They do, but such couples can have the same routine for dozens of years and think it’s okay. We’re not saying stable and consistent relationships are bad. But if you want to be in a relationship that is dynamic, exciting, passionate and adventurous, use a love spell that really works by impacting the upper chakras.

Most white magic love spells impact the upper energy centers giving people truly wonderful feelings. These feelings bring joy and make people happy. As for black spells, even if they’re designed to impact the upper chakras, they usually act only to weaken them. This brings the target to the lower levels of energy existence, while the relationship itself usually ends up being based on lust, self-interest, jealousy, and a desire to control.​

Magic love spells won’t eliminate sex, love for good food, or quiet movie nights from your relationship. However, these don’t have any novelty. For example, partners who are together thanks to white magic enjoy making love as much as they did the first time, cooking is art for them, and movie nights make them happy.

So we think the choice should be pretty clear. Always choose white magic. As for the seven chakras, here’s a list of the results you’ll get if you influence each one of them with a spell for love:

  • 1 chakra – terrestrial energies – A love spell put on this chakra is also called “vampire”. The target is disconnected from the energies of the world and connected to another person’s energy who becomes his only source of terrestrial energy in life.
  • 2 chakra – sex energy – love spells put on this chakra bind people through sex. Sex is the only thing keeping them together and the only thing they want from each other.
  • 3 chakra – victory energy – This kind of love magic is good for ambitious people who want to build a successful career or be with a very rich man or a very beautiful woman.
  • 4 chakra – love energy – This chakra is used only as a source of energy needed to perform the ritual. Love spells aren’t put directly on it.
  • 5 chakra – achievement energy – When love spells are put on this chakra, the person focuses on and starts pursuing just one goal. A good example is “a careerist and their voluntary helper”.
  • 6 chakra – mental energy – This option is best for people who value erudition and good communication.
  • 7 chakra – cosmos energy – This kind of love spell is not very common but the results are amazing, including new talents, longevity, psychic abilities, etc.

Signs a love spell is working

It’s good to know signs a love spell is working, whether you’re a magic practitioner, a client buying spells from professional magic practitioners, or just a person who doesn’t want his life to be ruined by love spells, especially if they’re black magic love spells. There’re many signs and it’s impossible to list all of them, so we decided to tell you about some of the most common ones.

  • When a love spell that really works is put on you, you feel weird. You wake up but it feels like you’re still dreaming. You feel like the world’s changing too, however it’s not the world but you that’s changing as the love spell is changing your chakras. As a result, you see the world in a completely different light. Such changes are quite noticeable and are often the first sign of love magic.
  • Your habits and tastes change. Usually, it’s seen in the food you like. If you’ve been put a black magic love spell on, you tend to eat more and gain some weight. It happens because black magic lowers your energy levels which you try to refuel with food. When white magic love spells are cast, people eat less and lose some weight. White magic gives people some extra energy so they don’t need to eat as much as they usually do.
  • Black magic spells make your bad habits worse, such as smoking, jealousy, suspiciousness, etc., while white magic spells help people quit them.
  • Dreams are very important. Try to interpret the dreams you’ve been having lately. If you have a love spell on you, your subconscious mind is sure to try to reach you and let you know you’re being influenced by magic. Creative people who can hear their subconscious mind have symbolic dreams about captivity, labyrinths, darkness, shadows, tears, or wandering in an unknown city.
  • Do love spells work? Listen to your chakras. One of them, the one influenced, will work more intensely than usual. If the first chakra is influenced, you’ll be more active and get tired less. If the second chakra is influenced, you’ll feel sexually aroused most of the time. If the third chakra is influenced, you’ll feel unusually strong and confident. If the fifth chakra has a magic love spell on it, you’ll start making plans and feel more confident doing what you do. If the sixth chakra is influenced, you’ll get smarter, your memory will improve, and you’ll remember things you thought you never even knew. As we said, if your seventh chakra is influenced, you’ll feel like your younger self looking and feeling much better.
  • When someone tries to make a love spell work on you, you fall in love. Of course, you shouldn’t think all your romantic feelings are caused by magic. However, when magic is involved, you fall in love with someone you’d never have thought you could fall in love with, someone you always considered to be anything but good-looking, funny, smart, etc. But now you somehow seem to like everything about this person you disliked before. Now you find it attractive. But since you’re under the influence of magic love spells, you don’t realize you’re in love with someone you can’t love, unless your consciousness has been compromised.
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  • Your feelings progress at lightning speed. If a spell for love was put on you not by the person who’s in love with you but by a professional spellcaster, you’ll feel strong love and attachment to this person just a couple of weeks after you first find yourself feeling attracted to this person.
  • Powerful spellcasters can make you fall in love at first sight. However, this is not real love. No magic practitioner can put love spells successfully on someone the client’s never met before. Hence another sign: you fall in love with someone you’ve known for a long time but never had any romantic feelings for. In this case people often describe what happened as, “It’s like I’ve been blind my whole life but then I saw her (or him) and fell in love!” Probably, there’s nothing miraculous about this love and it’s just one of the simple magical love spells put on you.

There’re other signs a love spell is working and influencing you, but you can read about them in other articles available on our blog. If you need to know for sure if there is any of the magic love spells that really work on you or not, book a consultation with a professional magic practitioner. A professional spellcaster can answer your questions using simple, painless and highly accurate diagnostic methods. It also makes sense to go to a professional sorcerer because he can both, identify your love spells and remove them if needed.​

Love magic spells

If you want to cast love magic spells at home, you need to make some preparations first. Besides buying the required ingredients and accessories which are essential for your love ritual, you need to prepare your subtle bodies and develop the right mindset. Let’s start with the magic accessories and tools. To cast a love magic spell, you need:

  • Three red candles;
  • Red woolen socks;
  • A magic knife;
  • A magic bell;
  • 12 church candles;
  • A lock of hair of the person you love;
  • A napkin with a few drops of the target’s saliva;
  • The target’s picture;
  • Your picture.

Things like a knife and a bell can be found at funeral supplies stores. Get a steel knife. You need it to cut the strings. The bell should be silver. Candles can be bought at a church store. The only requirement is that the church should be located more than 100 kilometers away from your house. While preparing for your love spells, print out both the pictures, put them together, and put them away for two weeks. As for the saliva-soaked napkin, you can get one if you invite your loved one over for dinner and offer him one and then just use it in your ritual.

As for the hair, think about the way to get it yourself. How do love spells work without the hair if it’s needed? They just don’t. Note that the recipe offered belongs to some of the most powerful and effective love spells. This recipe should be your top choice if you want to build a strong, lasting, loving and happy relationship. So figure out how to get some hair. Here’s what sorcerers do: they find out when the target is going to go to a hair salon, go in there right after the target, and pay the hair stylist to get some of the hair left on the floor. Of course, it can be quite confusing and embarrassing. But that’s the line you need to cross to cast one of the most wonderful magic spells for love.

Now let’s talk about the candles and the red string. These love spells require you to make the candles by yourself. Buy some regular white wax, red candle colorant, and a red fuse. Also get a candle mold. Your candles should be about 4-5 cm in diameter and about 20 centimeters long. The length doesn’t include the fuse. Cut the fuse only with your magic knife. Any other tools are prohibited. When the moon starts waxing, melt the wax over an open fire in an iron bowl, add some colorant, and mold your candle. Then put it together with the pictures. Take everything out shortly before the ritual.

To get the right red strings to be able to make a love spell, buy two red sweaters. Give one to the person you love as a gift and keep the other. The target needs to wear the sweater outside at least twice. You should wear your sweater at least seven times. Then steal the target’s sweater and unravel it. Do the same to your sweater. Then cut the yarn into 21-cm pieces and tie the string together alternating the ones from your sweater and ones from the one you gave to your loved one. As a result, you should get a fist-sized bundle.

When you finish the technical part, prepare yourself to cast a love spell that really works.​

A magic love spell that really works

You can’t cast a love spell that really works without preparing your energies for the ritual. The energies of a person casting a spell should meet a number of strict requirements in terms of their quality, purity, fullness, etc. Strong and pure energies will allow you to transform another person’s conscious mind and chakras into playdough for you to make anything you want. Increased levels of energy will keep you safe during the ritual and help you avoid negative consequences which are often seen in amateur work.

To prepare yourself for magic love spells, make sure you’re a healthy weight. If needed start a diet but make sure it doesn’t make you feel sleepy, tired, weak, or depressed. Professional spellcasters maintain a healthy weight because they know that overweight makes the energies weak and flabby and they shouldn’t be used in any spell for love. A healthy weight for male magic practitioners is the height in centimeters minus 100, and for female ones is the height in centimeters minus 110. For example, you’re 176 cm tall. If you’re a man, your healthy weight is 76 kg, and if you’re a woman your healthy weight is 66 kg. If you don’t think you can reach the desired weight, try to at least normalize your energy with a three-month fast. While fasting, you should abstain from:

  • Alcohol and cigarettes;
  • Caffeine (coffee and tea);
  • Drugs;
  • Psychedelic drugs;
  • Meat;
  • Fatty foods;
  • Baked goods;
  • Hot sauces and spices;
  • Salt (if possible)

Fasting should restore, purify and strengthen your energies allowing you to make a love spell successfully even if your weight isn’t perfect. However, if you want to cast spells on a regular basis, you have to have a healthy weight. The problem with weight is that it takes overweight or underweight people much longer, sometimes up to a week, to restore after a ritual, while professional spellcasters should be able to do it within a few hours, and the best way to help your body with it is to reach a healthy weight.

A three-month psychological and emotional fast is needed too, meaning you should avoid such feelings and emotions as:

  • Fear, anxiety;
  • Anger;
  • Apathy, disbelief in yourself;
  • Depression;
  • Overexcitement;
  • Envy, rage;

You’re allowed to have sex not more than once a week or every 10 days while preparing to cast love spells. Three weeks prior to the magic ritual you should stop having sex completely.

Speaking of emotional fasting, you should reach Buddha-like calmness which, provided you believe in success of your love spells, will help you accumulate enough energy to cast a powerful love spell. Let’s answer two questions which many readers probably have. Some of you must be wondering: Why prepare like this at all? Well, because you’re not a professional magic practitioner. Professional spellcasters spend years to reach that level of awareness and maximize their energy to be able to cast the most complicated of spells available. Powerful magic practitioners won’t make you wait. They get to the ritual right after they get an order from a client.

If you think you don’t need complex spells because you’re okay with getting the results which are below the average, here’s what we can tell you. First of all, there’re many simple and complex magical love spells posted on our blog. Secondly, easy love spells which are cast at home will probably not work at all. So if you want to see the results, use more powerful spells.

How to make a love spell

Now let’s talk about how to make a love spell. Like any spell which is supposed to make two people physically and emotionally attracted to each other, the love magic spell we’ve been preparing for for so long should be cast only when there’s a waxing moon. It’s not difficult to find out the moon phase. Just ask Google if your chosen date is a waxing or waning moon. Failing to comply with this requirement may lead to a number of quite unpleasant consequences. A waning moon transforms love spells into breakup spells. As a result, instead of bringing you together, the spell will build a wall between you and to break through it, you’ll need professional magical services. So if you don’t want to lose your loved one for good, cast your spells according to the lunar calendar.

Also remember that there’re weekdays when love spells should be put only on men and weekdays when love spells should be put only on women. Men’s days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Women’s days are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Generally love spells aren’t cast on Sunday and major religious or state holidays. Other websites teaching users how to make a love spell rarely mention it, so read the above piece of advice carefully. The reason why spells shouldn’t be cast on major holidays is that on such days the energy of the world gets disturbed reaching a chaos-like state. So you’ll probably fail to send your charge for love through this energy. The time of the day for love spells is the evening when the energy of the world calms down. This is when the best results are achieved.

If your loved one lives in a different time zone, for example, when it’s nighttime in your city, it’s the morning or noon in his (her) city, cast your spell when it’s the evening where your loved one lives. That way you’ll be able to cast a love spell that really works and get the best results possible.

Now let’s get to the ritual itself.

Take three red candles and put them on the table in a triangle. Light them starting with the one that’s closest to your right hand. Light the other candles going clockwise. Now put the picture of your loved one in the middle of the triangle. Drip some wax on the forehead and attach your loved one’s hair to the picture while the wax is warm and soft. Rub the mouth with the napkin you obtained while preparing to make a love spell, magical spells for love. This will bind the picture to the energies of your loved one turning the picture into a tool to control your loved one’s chakras. Do the same to your picture but use the wax of a different candle, not the one you just used. After using each candle put it back. Put the pictures (face up) as follows:

If you are a man:

  • put the woman’s picture to your right;
  • put your picture to your left;

If you’re a woman:

  • Put the man’s picture to your left;
  • Put your picture to your right.

Calm down and try to imagine how much you’ll love each other. The more detailed your dreams are, the better results you’ll get. Take your time. Dream and meditate for as long as you want but not more than 20 minutes. When you complete the visualization part, put your hands on the pictures and say the first part of the spell:

“You (the name), by my will, by the will of my Angel, by the will of my love, won’t keep me from loving you, won’t fight my love for you, and won’t try to contest the result of this spell. I (your name) promise never to hurt your feelings, make you angry, cheat on you, and I promise to do everything I can to make you happy after you fall in love with me. In view of these promises, I’m asking my Angel to help me. I’ll keep my promises in exchange for Higher Powers’ help in making my love spell work. I understand that the ultimate result depends on my love and commitment to the given promises and I’m asking the Universe to open the door to the heart of my loved one (the name) for me to put my love inside.”

Love spells that really work

Before we get to the final part of the ritual, let’s talk why real love spells cast at home rarely bring good results. The main reason is the fact that inexperienced magic practitioners fail to observe the rules and hurry. They find a ritual on the Internet, for example, similar to this one, and they think they can make the preparation process simpler but they don’t realize they’re actually putting themselves in danger.

Instead of making candles by themselves, they buy them at stores. Moreover, some of them buy regular white decoration candles instead of church candles, for example. They use a regular kitchen knife instead of a magic one. Also, they ignore my instructions and get just a ball of red yarn instead of getting the strings from the sweaters. They even fail to choose the day to cast their love spells correctly.

As you can imagine, the results are usually quite disappointing. Best-case scenario, nothing happens at all. Worst-case scenario, the “sorcerers” get a lesson they remember forever and realize they should always treat magic rituals, no matter how easy they seem, seriously.

So if you want to cast a love spell that works, make sure to follow all of the above instructions. Also learn the spell by heart or all your preparations, including fasting and making magical accessories, will prove to be in vain.

Some people claim it doesn’t matter what you’re saying while casting love spells, as long as the words are coming from the heart and you really love the target. Unfortunately, we can’t agree with it. If you want to learn how to make a love spell like a professional magic practitioner, you have to say exactly what’s written above. While preparing for the ritual, print the spell out or just write it down and carry it with you wherever you go. The text is the key to creating a portal to reach the heart of your loved one and adjust your energy and the energy around you to cast the spell successfully. In addition, the text allows you to seal the deal making the spell last longer. If you do everything right, your love will last for up to a few years.

Don’t look for a longer-lasting ritual because such rituals are non-existent. Only conmen say that magic can work forever. If you ask a conman, “Do love spells really work?” referring to simple spells, they’ll say yes. Their goal is to confuse you. That’s not our goal though. So you should know that different love spells work for different periods.

  • Easy love spells cast at home stay effective for 3 days to 2-3 weeks.
  • Complex home love spells stay effective for 1 to 6 months.
  • Simple love spells cast by an inexperienced magic practitioner bring slightly noticeable results.
  • Complex love spells cast by an inexperienced magic practitioner rarely stay effective longer than a few months.
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  • Simple love spells cast by a powerful magic practitioner stay effective for at least one year.
  • Complex love spells cast by a powerful magic practitioner stay effective for at least 2 years and occasionally for over 12 years.

But no love spell can work forever, which you should always remember while preparing for your love spells. After a while you’ll need to cast the spell again. Otherwise, your relationship will start to die out leading to a breakup. To prevent it from happening, order powerful rituals from experienced and proven spellcasters.​

A spell for love

To make a love spell work, certain steps need to be taken before the spell is completed. After you’ve said the first part of the spell (see above), take the last candle and drip some wax to the corners of the man’s picture and cover it with the picture of the woman. Press them together and let the wax harden. Ultimately the pictures should face each other. Take the bell and ring it seven times. Every time you ring the bell, repeat:

“It’s me (your name) sending you, my Angel, a signal for help. Please come and help me!”

Just to be clear, you should ring the bell seven times and say this line seven times too, asking your guardian angel for help. Then listen to your heart. If you feel excited and confident, Higher Powers must have heard you and are giving you the energy to cast this love spell successfully.

But if you feel sad or scared, start to cry or feel like blowing out the candles and never casting any spells again, discontinue the ritual. Blow out the candles, take the pictures apart, and remove the wax from them. Put the hair, napkins, candles, bell, and the knife in a bag and take it out the next morning. If you experience any negative emotions during or before the ritual, it means Higher Powers disapprove of your interest in magic. So if you want to use one of the magical spells for love, buy one from an experienced spellcaster.

Hopefully everything will be okay and you’ll feel joy. It means you’re allowed to get to the final part of the ritual. Take the pictures in your left hand and the ball of red yarn in your right hand and start winding the string around the pictures saying the spell below. You should use all of the yarn you have while repeating the spell below 14 times:

“We met each other not a week, not a month and not a year ago. We met each other a very long time ago but you don’t remember me and neither do you remember that I’m your love given to you once by the Light Angels. They commanded you to protect your love, take care of it and never betray it. It’s not your fault though that you’ve forgotten me. I (your name) will remind you (your loved one’s name) who we are for each other. Having remembered me, you’ll hug me and will never let me go. Your Angel and my Angel know that we’re meant for each other, so they’ll do everything it takes for us to always be together.

I’m not binding you to me forever though. I promise you. I just know that it’s the Angels’ will that when my feelings for you fade, the love spells will be broken and you’ll be free again.

May the Angel help us. May the Angel guide me. May the Angel help me. May the Angel protect our love and make sure it never fades.”

Like we said earlier, this spell should be learned by heart. When the string is wound around the pictures, put the picture on the table, blow the candles out and put them on top of the pictures. Take the bell and repeat the last lines of the spells seven times, every time ringing the bell seven times.

Then put everything away where it can’t be found. You need to wait for at least one week before you’ll see some results. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything while waiting. Every night, at the exactly same time you performed your ritual, take the bell and ring it seven times, repeat the spell thrice, and then ring the bell seven times again. Then put the bell away.

This love spell, like many other love spells available here, is very powerful. It will stay effective for a few years. As for what to do next, look for the answer in one of our next articles.

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