Making a 3D paper cut light box is a simple and quick process.

Create Your Own Personal Look and Feel

You may begin using the template immediately after downloading and printing it. If you need it larger or smaller, you may modify the 20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 inch) lighting box to meet your needs. You may come up with something really unique. Light can travel through 170 gramme white card material, which is what we suggest you use for your project.
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When you set the first layer on top of the card stock, be sure to leave a 1 cm border around the borders of all your layers. As a result, adhering your pieces together using adhesive will be a breeze.

Removing layers is an option.

The first layer will need an X-Acto knife. The X-acto knife allows you to cut your materials with extreme accuracy. Draw the second layer on top of the first layer, which should be put on the back of another card. After removing the first layer, go to the next one.
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Continue cutting off the layers until you’ve finished them all. You can check out lightboxgoodman for more details.

The layers may be re-assembled if necessary.

Foam spacers are required to separate the different layers. A 3D effect is created as a consequence of the picture seeming three-dimensional.
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The foam spacers should be removed and stored in a secure location. One centimetre is the width of each one. There are twelve 25-centimeter and twelve 18-centimeter spacers required. There should be four spacers between each layer. For more information visit this site: superratmachine

Adhere the layers together using a glue stick. There should be spacers in between each layer before adhering the following one on top of it. Before you begin modifying any of the layers, make sure that they are properly aligned. Make sure to keep energising the layers until they’re all done!. To get a reflection effect, you don’t need to use spacers to separate these three layers. You can just paste them together. First and first in the hierarchy of priority is water, followed by the horse.

You can create a box out of wood by doing so

Start building the wooden box now. Boxes may be purchased ready-made even if you lack woodworking abilities. To accommodate for lighting, frames, and glass panels, add an additional 2 cm to your layer thickness. The case I’m using has an 8-centimeter depth. Since it was a little snug on me, you may add additional space if you like.

Build a framework from the inside out.

To keep the glass in place, use the 1 × 1 cm wood stripe included in the package. Cut four 25-centimeter strips and four 18-centimeter strips. When the glue is dry, remove the pieces from the box and let them go.

Paint the Lightbox using a Brush

It’s time for the light box to have some paint on it. The item’s outside may be painted whatever colour you choose, but the back should be left unpainted and unprotected by a panel of card.

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