Man Made Diamonds – More Than Just Natural Diamonds

For the first time, the Sydney diamond market is offering more than just natural diamonds. In addition to a more affordable price tag, man-made diamonds also save on water. They use far less water per carat than natural diamonds and produce lower carbon emissions. This is an ideal option for those with an eco-conscious or ethical sensibility.

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Lab-created diamonds  

Lab-created diamonds are made by replicating the natural diamond-making process. The diamond-making process is designed to mimic the heat and pressure used to form diamonds in the earth’s mantle. Natural diamonds are formed from carbon-based materials like graphite that are subjected to high temperatures and pressures. During this process, the graphite crystallizes into a crystal called a diamond. Since the natural diamond grows in the Earth’s mantle, the process of diamond-making mimics the same temperature, pressure, and time.

Although lab-created diamonds are  not mined diamonds, they are the same as mined diamonds in terms of chemical composition and optical properties. While natural diamonds are formed deep in the Earth’s mantle and formed between 1bn to threebn years ago, lab-grown diamonds are produced by extreme heat and pressure inside a machine.

They consume less diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds Sydney use significantly less water than mined diamonds, a major advantage for consumers. They also have lower carbon emissions. In fact, mined diamonds use about 250 tonnes of earth every year, compared to just 18 tonnes of carbon in lab-grown diamonds.

While natural diamonds are still prized for their high cost, they’re increasingly out of favor with young people, particularly those concerned about the environmental and humanitarian costs of the mining process. With the man made diamonds Sydney  rising cost of natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds Sydney are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, wore a stylish coat and high-heeled shoes paired with a pair of drop earrings made of lab-grown diamonds.

A millionaire and environmentalist, Dale Vince, has developed a way to create diamonds with zero water consumption. His company, Ecotricity, uses renewable energy such as wind and solar power to produce their diamonds. The company says its diamonds are the most environmentally friendly diamonds available – they use less water per carat than mined diamond.

Ethical sensibilities

Man-made diamonds are becoming increasingly popular. The millennial generation has turned away from diamonds that are mined from the earth, and many large diamond manufacturers have launched synthetic diamond lines in response. The industry is trying to adapt to this shifting tide, by offering diamonds that are cheaper and more sustainable.

As far as the price is concerned, lab grown diamonds UK are much more affordable than their mined counterparts. The choice between mined and man-made diamonds is a matter of personal preference. Companies such as Clean Origin offer a variety of elegant designs and a unique build-your-own-ring option. These alternatives are a good choice for those with eco-conscious and ethical sensibilities.

The majority of lab-grown diamonds are produced in China, India, and Singapore. While the gemstone industry has embraced these alternatives, there are still some concerns over the impact of their production on the environment. In 2008, lab-grown diamonds were priced as high as $4,000 per carat, while they are now priced around $300-500 per carat.

Becoming more affordable

As lab created diamonds become more popular, the price per carat is reducing. This technological advancement has made it possible to produce better quality diamonds in a shorter period of time. This has reduced the cost of diamonds and made them more affordable. In addition, these new diamonds are becoming more beautiful and diverse.

The myth that mined diamonds are rare and must be bought at exorbitant prices is a common one. It has been thought that diamonds were mined deep inside the earth, and that it takes billions of years to grow. While this is not true, it is still a common misconception. The fact that man made diamonds are now much cheaper means that they can be worn by more people.


While mined diamonds are made by mining the earth, lab-grown diamonds are made in a laboratory, mimicking the diamond-making process in nature. They are not the same as moissanite or cubic zirconia, but they share many of the same characteristics. This makes them the ideal choice for consumers who want to make environmentally-friendly purchases.

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