Motorcycle Parts Inspection and Maintenance Guide

A motorcycle can typically endure 12 to 15 years if it is not involved in accidents or severe falls. If you own a top-end bike and have been attentive with its maintenance and upkeep, the life of the vehicle can be extended. This can be significantly aided by replacing your bike parts, whether dirt bike parts or sports bike parts. Motorcycles require special care to keep them in the best possible condition. Purchasing the appropriate motorcycle parts, especially when they are needed, is critical to hold forth the life of your bike.

Motorcycle Parts to Inspect Regularly

It’s critical to examine crucial bike parts regularly to identify when they need to be replaced. The vital motorbike parts listed here should be checked periodically, especially before taking your bike out for a long ride, to see if they need to be replaced right away.


Before you ride away into the sunset, make sure your tyres are in good shape. Fissures, fractures, and punctures, as well as indicators of excessive and under-inflation, should all be looked for. If you notice any of them, it’s time to take your motorcycle to the garage. Also, if the tread depth has worn down to 1 to 2mm, don’t waste time and replace your tyre immediately. If the tread wearing on your tyre isn’t too severe after years of use, change them after four years to ensure your buy motorcycle parts Australia is still safe to ride on the road.

Brake Padding

The action of squeezing the brake lever on your bike sets off a chain of actions in the brake system. It forces the brake pads to rub against the rotors, causing the motorcycle to halt. The brake pads will weaken over time due to normal wear and tear. Inspect your brake pads regularly to ensure safe riding on your high-performance motorcycle.
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If they’ve thinned to less than 2mm, you’ll need to change them immediately.

Suspension Forks Oil

The fork of a motorcycle is the component that connects the main chassis to the front wheel and axle. The fork oil is housed in this section, made up of two tubes and is entirely sealed. The fork oil protects the bike from being damaged by road bumps or irregularities.

If you notice oil leaking from the tubes, you must have the fork seals replaced. During your motorcycle’s annual maintenance inspection, the fork oil should also be renewed.

Ignition/Spark Plugs

When your motorcycle hits 15,000 kilometres, the spark plugs must be alternated. Replace the spark plug immediately if you observe a huge gap, deteriorated centre wire, ground electrode, or combination.

Chains And Other Drives:

A motorcycle’s chain, belts, and drive shafts are three of the most durable components. They have a typical lifespan of 16,000 to 32,000 kilometres. You must, however, ensure that the bike chain is not too loose and that it is well-oiled at all times. It is also very crucial to keep the chain clean.

Summing Up:

Always examine and maintain your motorcycle, both on and off the road. Also, if your bike requires new dirt bike parts or accessories, don’t hesitate to invest in them so you can get the most out of your bike trip.
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  Motorcycle parts that are replaced and maintained regularly might help extend the life of your bike.
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