Must-know facts about Misdemeanor charges in New York

Misdemeanor charges may not be as bad as Felony charges but can lead to a criminal record in sites like on your name for life, and it can be as petty as trespassing to criminal conduct. You may think it is not necessary to get an attorney for a misdemeanor case but hiring a criminal defense attorney in Rochester, NY will help you save a lot of time and stress by getting your legal backup in place.

There are three kinds of Misdemeanor charges in New York:

1) Class A

This is the most serious offense under Misdemeanor.

Includes carrying a gun without a permit, second-degree criminal impression, and third-degree identity larceny. It imposes enormous fines and extended jail time. With these offenses, you will have to pay a 00 fine and upto one year in jail.
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These types of crimes can also give death sentences where it is allowed give the death penalty.

2) Class B

This is the second most serious offense under Misdemeanor. With these in your record, you will have to pay a $500 fine with upto three months in jail, But it cannot exceed one year. It includes prostitution, bad check, Shoplifting, Bullying, etc.

3) Class C

If you are charged with a Class C Misdemeanor, you may have to pay a fine and serve jail time. This depends on the severity of the crime committed, including drunk driving, license-less driving, etc.

It may also offer probation time.
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A repeated Class C misdemeanor can lead to more severe consequences and punishments.

How to wipe out a Misdemeanor record on your name?

If you ask, How long do Misdemeanor stay with you? The short answer is for Life. Misdemeanor charges are less severe than felony charges, but there is no Expiry to the offense committed. 

 – However, you may file an application for expungement.

 – You would need to submit the supporting documents.

 – Submit the application to your court. 

 – Also, submit this application to the District Attorney.


However petit the Misdemeanor charges are, it is advisable to contact an attorney for the case as soon as possible. Though these charges are less adverse than felony charges, the records will stay with you forever. An attorney will evaluate the case and try to find a way out of it at the earliest. This will result in a situation where you will save time, money, stress, and chances of case taking an undesirable twist.

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