Never Ignore Your Doctor After a Motorcycle Accident -Here is Why!

Upon meeting with a motorcycle accident, bringing yourself and others involved in the scene back to safety must be your foremost concern. It begins with getting off the road to a safe spot and goes on to consult a doctor for medical treatment, even if the injuries occurred are minor ones.  

One must remember that delaying this visit is more like inviting trouble to yourself. The accident and the surrounding in which it occurred have more effects than anticipated, sometimes not evident until it is too late to correct. To understand the effects of your surroundings and how to alleviate them during a motorcycle ride, read more here.  

Reasons to visit a doctor after a motorcycle accident

  • Motorcycle accident injuries are not always obvious.

It has been studied that motorcycle injuries lead to more complicated issues when left untreated. This means, what seems to be a minor injury, could be much more than that. In most cases, the pain and its effect increase profoundly after the adrenaline has subsided from your blood. It is also suggested not to remove your protective gear until the paramedics arrive, as it escalates the effect of the injury. Considering such circumstances, it is suggested not to take your injuries lightly or leave them for later when it surges. The delayed onset sometimes leads to medical issues like whiplash, back injuries, and concussions. 

This means earlier detection and cure, or sometimes even prevention, of certain bodily damages affecting your health filmik

  • Maintaining medical record

When you are checked for the injuries and their degree of seriousness, with documentation of when, where, and how, it establishes a record of the accident and its effects. It helps you maintain medical records for future purposes if required to know the cause of a delayed-onset health issue. Additionally, it also gives proof and strengthens your chance of getting a fair amount as compensation.

  • Denial of insurance upon acting otherwise 

There are certain rules for claiming compensation from the negligent driver’s insurer. This includes time limits within which one must go for a medical visit from the time of the accident, exceeding which you will not stand eligible for the claim. It is so because it makes it easier for the insurer to declare that the health issue and the accident are unrelated. 

  • Influences the compensation you are eligible for 

Having a medical record of the injuries from the accident plays a vital role when claiming compensation. The expenses incurred for treatment, medical visits, prescribed medicines, and further expenses in case of permanent distortion or loss are the major component of the compensation you claim. Thus, undergoing medical treatment helps track these expenses, better estimate the compensation, and increases the chances of receiving it. 

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