One-of-a-Kind Business Brand: Show off Yours with a Striking Twitter Header


So you want to stand out on Twitter? You’ve come to the right place. Twitter is an excellent platform for small and mid-sized businesses, but it can be hard to get noticed among other brands. We’re going to show you how Venngage can help your business stand out with a Twitter header that will make your account unique and professional!

How Twitter Header Backgrounds Work


The Twitter header, also known as the Twitter banner, is the image that appears at the top of your Twitter account. It’s an elegant and professional way to show off your brand on social media, but it can get old quickly if you don’t use Twitter backgrounds correctly. That means changing them up from time to time! Twitter cover photos are different from Twitter cover images. Twitter covers appear at the top of your profile page, while Twitter header backgrounds always appear behind your Tweets.

One great thing about Twitter headers is that they’re essentially “mobile-friendly” banners for desktop use! This means you can save them in any size (like a traditional banner ad) and change it up based on what looks best when shared with Twitter. You don’t have to worry about cropping either; Venngage will automatically resize the image upon upload so that no matter how big or small you make it, it still fits perfectly into its space on your Tweet threading layout. Essentially, all you need to do is choose an image file with the Twitter header size dimensions below or have us design one for you based on your logo.

Twitter Header Size Dimensions: Twitter requires Twitter headers to be at least 1500 x 500 pixels and no larger than 2500 x 1250 pixels. If the image is more significant than that, it will get cropped upon upload into smaller sections. You can check out Twitter’s guidelines page here.

What Twitter Banner Template Do I Need?

Before we get into Twitter header templates themselves, it is important to know that Twitter has a few different types of header sizes that you can choose from. Each size serves its own purpose and will work best for certain Twitter accounts over others:

– Automatic (1024px x 512px)

– Large (1252px x 650px)

– Medium Rectangle (100vw – 499px)

– Tall (552 px -999px )

What Best Twitter Headers That Fits My Business?

To decide on the perfect Twitter header fit for your business, ask yourself these questions: what is my brand like? What do I want people to feel when they look at my header photo? How much time am I willing to invest in Twitter headers?

Answering these questions will help you determine what Twitter header is best for your business. The Twitter header size you choose should be the same as your logo’s height and width, so make sure to resize it before uploading! Venngage makes this easy with our resizing tool, where you can upload any image file or insert an URL of an online picture. You can also use a square photo if that fits better with your brand. Twitter allows for either landscape or portrait photos, but we recommend that you use a vertical image if it’s tall enough because the Twitter header will resize to fit into any size.

Landscape Twitter Header Photos (1024px x 512px)

If your logo is wide like this one, choose an automatic Twitter header photo using Venngage. This way, your Twitter background will automatically adjust to make sure nothing gets cut off. We also offer large and medium-sized custom Twitter headers through our design services. Simply upload any high-quality file of your logo to get started! If you don’t have access to original artwork, let us know what graphic assets are available to create something stunning for you.

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Vertical Twitter Header Photos (100vw – 499px)

If your logo is tall like this one, choose a Twitter header photo sized for 100% width and up to 500 pixels in height using Venngage. This way, the background will adjust accordingly when shared across Twitter platforms such as mobile devices or desktop computers.

How Do I Make My Own Twitter Header Photo?


Now that you know which Twitter Header fits best for you let’s go over how to create one yourself using Venngage. Whether making a custom Twitter header from scratch or modifying an existing template, Venngage is a great tool for Twitter headers.
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Make one from scratch: Easily insert images, texts, and icons into Venngage templates to create your custom Twitter header design. You can also upload any image file or insert an URL of an online picture. Once you have decided on the perfect template, simply drag and drop elements where you want them!
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Everything in Venngage is 100% customizable so feel free to change colors, fonts, and text size until it’s just right. When everything looks good as gold (or silver), save or download your Twitter header photo onto your computer, where you should be able to easily find it later if needed home office desk singapore

Modify existing templates: If modifying a pre-made Twitter header template is more your style, just click the Twitter icon at the top of Venngage. All available Twitter headers will show up. Simply find one that you like and adjust size or color to match your brand. Once you’re happy with it, save/download it onto the computer as mentioned above.

With Twitter headers, the sky’s the limit. So go ahead and start creating your Twitter header on Venngage’s website today!

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