PU (Poly-Urethane) flooring

PU or Poly-Urethane flooring developed and used by the house builder บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน in order to protect both new and used concrete floors from working and natural environments from the main object such as impact resistance, acid-base, chemicals and oil, etc.

PU flooring can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.
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Can be used for food and beverage factory floors, heavy duty industrial flooring and used for playgrounds, indoor and outdoor sports courts, such as running tracks, basketball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, futsal courts, etc. It can also be used as a roof waterproofing.
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Types and applications of PU flooring


Waterproofing system is a waterproofing floor coating system using high quality polyurethane waterproofing coating on concrete surface. Polyurethane properties are high flexibility, seamless, heat resistance, sunlight and temperature changes. So, it can be used by the builder รับสร้างบ้าน for both indoor and outdoor purpose. Polyurethane waterproofing system is therefore commonly used to coat concrete floors to prevent water seepage.
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Helps to solve the problem of concrete cracks, fissures when exposed to temperature changes, heat, cold and structural subsidence. Including being able to prevent erosion of rainwater or water seepage as well.


It is a high-quality synthetic rubber floor coating system for coating on concrete or asphalt. Synthetic rubber sole features are highly flexible. Can absorb shock when walking, reduce injuries from accidents caused by falling, impact, etc. This synthetic rubber flooring system is commonly used as a playground floor, corridor floor, student room, floor around the swimming pool. multipurpose yard.


It is a high-quality synthetic rubber floor coating system. Coating on concrete or asphalt. Synthetic rubber sole features are highly flexible, fast recovery can absorb shock in walking, running, jumping, reducing injuries from exercise. and support for appropriate sports equipment. According to international standards this synthetic rubber sports court flooring system that supports impact sports equipment, such as a basketball court floor, tennis court flooring, general sports ground such as futsal courts, volleyball courts badminton court.


synthetic rubber treadmill Kony-Urethane from Korea Designed to be suitable as a running track surface at high flexibility fast recovery resistant to changing weather conditions long service life commonly used in groups university track college track school track fields, etc.


synthetic rubber treadmill Kony-Urethane

High quality from Korea in the IAAF CLASS 1 standard from the International Athletics Federation. It is designed to be suitable as a track surface to withstand the changing climate. Due to its high resilience, fast recovery and long service life, it is accepted in many national athletic fields.

Features of PU flooring

– Seamless and porous suitable for making grounds, factories

– No smell interferes with use

– Prevent mold and bacteria suitable for certain types of places such as schools, hospitals.

– variety of colors suitable for use in a variety of places

– durable to use highly flexible

– Resistant to the use in the factory

– It has a wide temperature range from -40 to 112 degrees Celsius, so it is suitable for both applications indoor and outdoor.

– Resistant to temperature changes (Thermal Shock)

– Good anti-static it is very necessary in electronic components factory.

– More resistant to sunlight and UV rays than Epoxy floors.

The advantages of PU flooring

– Quick to install

– Easy to clean

– The surface is not slippery when wet.

– Resistant to impact (Impact Resistance)

– Chemical Resistance

– No foundation required (Self-Primer)

Disadvantages of PU flooring

– It is easily scratched.

– Continuous use after installation Smooth skin will start to look matte and lose its oiliness.

– Service life is not very long, about 8 years.

Choice of use

– Can be used both inside and outside the building

– Suitable for heavy industry

– Indoor and outdoor stadiums

– playground

– roof waterproofing

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