Rocket Lawyer: All about this online legal platform

When you don’t know anything about the law, starting a business or facing legal problems with customers or suppliers becomes a real headache. With Rocket Lawyer, the law is accessible to everyone, even neophytes. Indeed, this online legal platform offers a complete service to help entrepreneurs in their usual procedures. 

Who is Rocket Lawyer?

Created in 2008 in California by Charley Moore, an American entrepreneur, Rocket Lawyer is an online legal platform whose purpose is to help associations and VSEs/SMEs, but also individuals to easily access legal services. And at a lower cost. To do this, the platform uses new technologies.
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The legal services offered

Start a business

Microentrepreneur status, sole proprietorship (EI and EIRL), company status (SARL, SAS, EURL, SASU, SCI), certificate of accommodation, certificate of provision of commercial premises, list of SAS/SASU subscribers, business blueprint, etc.

Edit a company

Minutes of seat transfer, minutes of change of manager, minutes of modification of the corporate purpose, minutes of dissolution, minutes of closure of liquidation, sale of shares, etc.

Set up a business

Commercial lease 3 6 9, professional lease, precarious lease, seasonal commercial lease, termination of professional lease, termination of commercial lease, request for specialization of commercial lease, request for authorization of subletting, business transfer contract, etc.

Manage a business

Legal notice and privacy policy, cookie policy, European Data Protection Regulation, construction subcontracting contract, disputes with a supplier, invoices, business contracts, classic recovery of an unpaid invoice, simplified recovery of an unpaid invoice, business property contribution and VAT, relations with taxes, URSSAF control, intellectual property, the various approaches of the company, State aid in the face of the coronavirus, etc.

Manage staff

Teleworking in the event of an epidemic, resumption of activity post covid-19, recruitment on a permanent contract, recruitment on a fixed-term contract, paid leave, special leave and absences, employee training, discipline in the company, early termination of a fixed-term contract, termination agreement, dismissal for personal reasons, dismissal for economic reasons, dismissal for incapacity, end of contract documents, company life and staff representation, etc. In total, Rocket Lawyer offers the creation of more than 300 legal documents.

Legal advice from a lawyer

Rocket Lawyer Review works with lawyers specializing in corporate law, tax law, social law, real estate law, family law… to answer all the legal questions that companies, associations and individuals have. To seek legal advice, all you have to do is ask a question online directly on the Rocket Lawyer website. A lawyer will then respond to you by email or telephone to help you find the solution to your legal problem.

Practical and free legal guides

Indeed, the online legal platform provides various guides to answer the various questions that entrepreneurs, associations, etc. may have. And this is free of charge. These guides have been established by lawyers who are members of the Rocket Lawyer network attesting to their reliability.

Why Choose Rocket Lawyer?

If Rocket Lawyer is also recognized by individual entrepreneurs as well as VSEs/SMEs, it is not without reason. Indeed, the online legal platform has several tricks up its sleeve. In detail, with Rocket Lawyer:

  • You get a free trial for 7 days.
  • Legal documents are reliable, up-to-date and at your fingertips.
  • Documents and letters are available at all times on all devices. And for good reason, they are securely stored online.
  • You get free legal advice from lawyers.
  • Filling out the forms is quick and easy since they are short and well done.
  • Canceling the subscription is very simple and can be done online directly from the customer area.
  • Finally, the costs are affordable, therefore accessible to companies with a limited budget.
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The inconvenient

If we want to talk about the disadvantages of Rocket Lawyer, there is only one. The legal platform does not offer support in the various steps of the entrepreneur as some LegalTech’s do.
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Thus, to publish a legal announcement, register the company in the trade and companies register… you must carry out the formalities alone or with the help of professionals.

How does it work?

Using Rocket Lawyer Vs Legal Zoom is easy. To get started, you just have to log in and register on the site. This step takes a few seconds. You have access to a personal space where you can start creating your personal documents. To do this, do the following:

  • Create a document.
  • Save, print and share across all your devices.
  • Sign and use online.

You can see your progress throughout the document creation phase. You can also get step-by-step instructions.

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