Snir Hananya Explains the Importance of a Professionally Designed Website

When you have made up your mind to start a business, the next important thing on the list has to be the creation of a website. With so many website building tools at your disposal today, there is no doubt you will also feel the temptation of designing your website yourself just like many others. The other option you have is of a professional website design agency that can design the same thing for you based on your instructions.

However, Snir Hananya feels that you will not get the results from the website that has been designed with a website builder that you will get from a professionally designed website. Is that really true? Let’s understand from the points that he has given in favor of letting a professional design your website.

An SEO Friendly Design

So, are you wondering how a website design is related to SEO? On the surface, these two things seem completely different and independent from each other. However, if you look closely, you will realize that SEO and your website design are very closely related. That’s something most professionals already know when they design your website. So, what they do is they create a design that supports SEO best practices on your website.

The website layout will follow the best layout that even your competitors are rocking. Secondly, the website structure will provide more room for more text to be used, allowing you to optimize your content optimally. In addition to that, you would want a responsive website or an entirely mobile-suited website that is optimally designed for mobile users. Don’t forget that you will not get a kind treatment from Google if your content and website is not friendly for mobile users.

A Design That Beats the Competition

It might not look like an important factor to you at first, but Snir  Hananya says that creating a website that stands tall against your competitors is of crucial importance. Why? Here is what you need to know. Every industry follows a particular website design. You must have noticed such website design trends even in social medial apps.
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Almost all of them follow the same layout and structure that’s optimized for mobile users. In a similar way, the website you design for your business should be up-to-date with other websites within your industry.

Such a design makes you look relevant and gives your website visitors a familiar experience. Don’t invent the wheel when you are creating a website for your industry because it can make your website visitors feel uncomfortable. You can always experiment within the most popular templates and make them yours. However, starting from the beginning is not going to be very helpful because if you design something completely different, it will not seem relevant to your industry.

A Website with Great Functionality

Esthetic beauty definitely matters, but you can’t really ignore the importance of the functionality that underlines the website’s superficial features. How users interact with a website can make or break their website using experience. Snir  Hananya asks you to keep your website simple while still using some great effects and scripts. In other words, animations on the website are fine, but you just have to make sure they serve a purpose and don’t slow down your website.

You have to make your website’s navigation experience unique while still holding on to the norms of the industry so your website visitors don’t feel alienated while using your website. At the same time, you have to keep it search engine friendly as well.
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Final Thoughts

Of course, no one is stopping you from experimenting with your own skills. However, your website is a huge investment in the future of your business in terms of its digital presence. Any compromise on the quality of the website can result in big losses. So, make sure you choose only the best professionals to design an ideal website for your business.

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