The benefits of playing badminton for the human body and everyone should know this.


Usually, many people start playing on the court before winter comes. But with a keen interest in the game, many forget to warm up. Many are injured for this. The pain is felt throughout the winter. Some warm-ups should be done every day before starting the game.

You are stretching the chest muscles.

If you are away from sports all year round, do this exercise for 3-4 minutes first. Because if you want to make other parts of the body a little free, you must fix the muscles first. Start the exercise two or three days before playing badminton.

You are stretching the shoulder muscles.

Most people get shoulder pain while playing badminton. Since badminton has to be played with hands and with different angles, shoulder exercises are very important.

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Arm Stretching (Triceps)

Tricep exercises are extremely important. This is an important part because half the joints of the hand come from the triceps. Exercise the triceps for three to four minutes.

Arm Muscle Stretching (Biceps)

There is no substitute for biceps exercises to get the hand fit perfectly. Because many people get tension during the game, exercise the biceps for 5 minutes.

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You are stretching the leg muscles.

The most common injury in this game is a hamstring. If you have a hamstring injury, you have to stay away from the game for a long time. Before playing for at least four-five minutes, you have to do the leg muscle exercises very well.

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Drink water

It is very important to meet the water needs of the body during sports. However, you can’t drink too much water as soon as the game is over. Drink water slowly with breaks. Drink half a litre two hours before the game, 250 ml water during warm-up and 150 to 200 ml water every 20 to 30 minutes during the game. You need to drink another 250 ml of water within 30 minutes of the end of the game.

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