The Best Country for Real Estate Investment: Turkey

Turkey is a country that has become popular among international real estate investors in recent years. B One of the main reasons for this popularization is extremely profitable investment opportunities. Moreover, Turkey receives visitors from all over the world for tourist and investment purposes. The country offers unique experiences to foreigners with its cultural richness, natural beauties, and charming blue flag beaches.

Turkey is a country that has also achieved significant achievements in the field of health. Foreigners living in Turkey benefit from advanced health services in both private and public health institutions. With the increase of health tourism, this situation has become more pronounced. In addition, Turkish health services are modern and of high quality. Compared to European countries and America, it offers cheaper and more affordable costs. Emergency departments in hospitals provide free health services to everyone, including patients who are not Turkish citizens. Apart from emergency services, you can benefit from health services in other departments at very low costs with a residence permit or Turkish citizenship, which you can easily obtain by purchasing property in Turkey.

Furthermore, Turkey occupies an important position between Europe and Asia. It is very easy to travel to this country thanks to developed transport networks from all over the world. When foreign investors buy a property in Turkey, they can enter and exit the country without any difficulties. With advanced and affordable airline connections, the flights you will perform from various countries will be advantageous for you. Thanks to the developed and diverse transportation networks, foreigners will have the opportunity to explore and experience Turkey more. Another point is Turkish cuisine, which has a crucial global position. Turkish cuisine attracts millions of visitors every year with its unique flavors. The original local flavors of Turkey are a unique experience for foreigners.

Investing in the Turkish Real Estate Market

Due to the diverse and favorable investment opportunities, international investors find it logical to invest in the real estate market. The opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment offered by the Turkish state has accelerated investments in the real estate market. Thus, investors can buy real estate in Turkey and choose to live here. In addition, applicants who choose to invest in the real estate market can invest in one or more properties without the need for too much legal regulation.

For Turkish citizenship, foreign investors are required to purchase an investment property in Turkey and hold this property for at least three years. Investors who have secured Turkish citizenship at the end of three years have the right to sell the real estate they have invested in if they wish. There are some important points that foreign investors should pay attention to when buying a property. In Turkey, investors can easily buy property or land in provinces and districts other than rural regions, villages, or military areas. In addition, there is a condition that there is a municipality in the region where the investment is made or that it is located within the municipal borders.

How to Buy an Investment Property in Turkey?

Turkey is a country with an opportunity cost for European investors. There are many reasons behind buying an investment property. There are many factors such as geography, investment opportunities, natural beauties, and cultural riches that Turkey has here. Below you can see some tips about buying an investment property in Turkey. Let’s get started!

The first step is the decision-making process. It is important to decide what kind of real estate to buy in Turkey. The following questions may help you in this process. ‘’Am I going to live in the property I bought myself or am I going to rent it out?’’ The other question is, ‘’will I buy only for investment purposes?’’ These questions allow the investor to make the right choices and evaluate various investment opportunities at the decision stage.

The second step is where to invest or live in Turkey. Luxury apartments in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir will be slightly more expensive than in the southern regions of the country. You have opportunities such as the sea and holidays in cities such as Antalya, Muğla, and Bodrum. Where to invest for what purpose, your wishes and dreams will help you in buying a house or apartment in Turkey.

After finding the answers to all these questions, the last step is to determine your own investment area. You can start by choosing your neighborhood, neighbors, and street. Thanks to the technology, you can find your investment option by using the google maps tool in an area you have determined in Turkey. This will give you much better ideas about the location and the region.

Simple and Safe Buying Stage

Turkey’s establishment of a secure buying process in the international real estate market has made it a popular country among investors. Many foreigners have settled in this country because the Turkish state provides flexibility in-laws for investors and offers various opportunities such as citizenship other than investment. Easy payment methods and installment options in the real estate market have made this process easier and safer for investors.

The procedures in the real estate market are clear and smooth, the Turkish government protects investors by law, and significant recommendations keep foreigners in a safe position in the property purchase process. The Turkish government has also stipulated the use of translation in legal documents during the purchase of property in order to avoid any problems at this stage. Considering all the rights of both the seller and the buyer, this situation provides ease between the parties. You can benefit from interpreter services in different languages in each region where you will invest in Turkey.

Turkey’s Rising Economy in Real Estate Market

Real estate prices in Turkey are gaining momentum with each passing day. Turkey positions itself among the 20 largest economies in the world. According to expert investors, Turkey is a country where much more profit can be made in terms of real estate investment. The value of a property you buy in Turkey will increase every day. The development of industrial and commercial areas doubles the value of any property in this country. At the same time, changes and increases in the construction sector provide opportunities for the development of the real estate market.

The purchase and sale of real estate contribute significantly to Turkey’s GDP. When we analyze foreign investments, real estate investors have made a profit of 45% in the past years. This result shows that real estate investment in Turkey is a profitable choice.  Both the growth of the Turkish economy and the gain of investors are bringing real estate investment to a win-win situation.

More Tips and Advice About Purchasing Property in Turkey

The real estate market presents excellent investment opportunities. When you do not know the country well, the choices appear limitless, but not every property is a good investment. As a result of Our extensive market knowledge, the aim is to make the process more enjoyable and stress-free for you. Call us to discuss your options with our agents. Your inquiries will be answered, and we will provide you with additional information on buying a home or apartment in Turkey.

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